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Watch: Video of Supernatural Creative Walk on Bridge Goes Viral, with Five Twitter Theories Ranging from Ghost to Alien!

Watch: Video of Supernatural Creative Walk on Bridge Goes Viral, with Five Twitter Theories Ranging from Ghost to Alien!

It’s understandable that some people might be skeptical about the “supernatural monster strolling on bridge” film, given the history of hoaxed viral videos. Twitter users, inspired by the movie, are now speculating on the number, with many including NASA in their tweets.

Is the Supernatural Creature Walking on The Bridge an Alien?

It would appear that one may find a wide variety of ‘proof’ supporting the existence of aliens on the internet. Even if you didn’t think aliens existed before, that viral video might change your mind.

One Twitter user who shared the clip stated, “…People are assuming it to be an Alien and it genuinely could be, attentively examine the 13th second of the video, A red Lapros wing UFO soaring with jangling sound.” Location: In or around Hazaribagh, Jharkhand.

Yet others poked fun at the alien notion, tweeting things like, “I’m quite sure I’ve seen the “supernatural monster walking on a bridge” somewhere before!,” referring to an episode of The Simpsons.

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Could the Supernatural Creature in India Be a Ghost?

Twitter users appeared to be saying that the Slenderman-like figure was a ghost when they weren’t speculating that it was an alien.

“Ghostly” and “Creepy AF” were two of the many tweets people made on the video’s eerieness.

Another user of Twitter shared the footage and commented, “A human-like ‘bizarre creature’ sighted in Jharkhand’s #Hazaribagh when crossing a bridge, the day before. The onlookers are understandably frightened and curious, “was this a ghost, an alien, or something else entirely?”

Supernatural Creature Walking on Bridge Video: Demonic Witch Theory

While the majority of tweets point to individuals mistaking the figure for a UFO or a ghost, other explanations, such as a wicked witch, do exist.

One of the first published vids I’ve seen here, that’s real,” tweeted @shahidmikhael, who said the figure is a demonic witch and predicted more unexplained occurrences in the future. A witch with diabolical intent. That these items will soon exist everywhere in the world was no surprise to us. This is only the beginning.”

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Is the Viral Supernatural Creature Video a Hoax?

People on Twitter were eager to speculate about what kind of otherworldly entity might be depicted in the clip. There were, however, plenty of people eager to disprove the legend that the figure existed.

Speculation on Twitter ranged from the figure being a human in a white suit to the scene being an entirely fabricated CGI creation.

There was a tweet from someone saying, “Interesting, but gotta call bs. You spot an extraterrestrial strolling by, but you ignore it to film the motorcycle instead.

Is the Figure on The Bridge a Zombie?

Tweets have been going around with many theories, such that the figure on the bridge being an alien or a zombie.

Instagram user ruhaanikad captioned the video, “It’s a zombie.”

As of the right moment, we don’t have any solid evidence regarding the identity of the person in question. The Indian Ministry of Home Affairs and the Indian Space Research Organization were reportedly contacted by Newsweek for comment.

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