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Waze: pure dark mode is finally on its way! (image)

It’s been 8 years since Google decided to acquire Waze, drastically strengthening its offer in the navigation applications market. Since then, we’ve seen Google Maps and Waze share many of their features, managing to grow side by side as applications that complement each other, not rivals.

However, there is a feature that users of Waze continues to look forward to it. Despite offering a mode with a darker color palette, it still does not offer a pure dark mode. The information was advanced by the Geektime.com website, revealing that the new dark mode for Waze is now in the “alpha” testing phase, being made available to a very restricted group of users.

This new dark mode version will finally make the entire application dark, instead of being limited to the map, avoiding uncomfortable white “flashes” when navigating the application.

Waze Dark Mode puro Google Maps

Waze moves closer to Google Maps with the arrival of the new dark mode

This delay in launching a pure dark mode in Waze is at least strange, since Google Maps has this option since the beginning of the year. Although it is still in the “alpha” phase, it is possible that a stable version will be released to users very soon.

The company has confirmed that it will not offer customization options for users may continue to have a “mixed” interface. The only options will be totally dark mode, or totally white.

Waze continues to be the favorite navigation application for millions of users around the world, thanks to its community, which results in an experience of single use that not even Google Maps can replicate yet.

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