Bob Harper shares his tried-and-true weight-loss strategies.

According to Harper, he created the strategy for a famous buddy who urgently wanted to lose weight for a big performance

Women should aim for 800 calories per day, while males should aim for 1,200, according to Harper.

He draws a comparison between this and simple carbohydrates, such as those found in fruits and vegetables.

There is some evidence that doing out on an empty stomach increases fat loss, albeit the study is conflicting.

This heart-healthy lipid may also improve immunity and lessen pain after exercise

The drawback of excessive salt intake is that it might cause water retention and puffiness.

Fish oil “has revolutionized my life as a person whose business it is to work out

Harper claims that alcohol, even heart-healthy wine, causes you to retain water and seem bloated

Know How Bob Harper Reveals Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets for Fast Results