What Are Some Of The Best Japanese Anime And Why?

Japanese anime has earned a cult following over the years. There are several anime films and TV series produced around the globe every year due to a massive fan following. Online streaming platforms consider anime as a vital spice in their content platter, and you can watch some of the best anime on HBO Max in particular.

The Japanese anime industry rose to the scene in 1963 when Astro Boy (a.k.a. Mighty Atom) was released as the first TV series. Since then, the anime genre hasn’t looked back, with tons of new anime content aired and distributed to on-demand streaming services every year. There are so many must-watch titles that you will lose count of the best anime titles.

Japan has been the center of the anime industry, partly due to the fact that the country follows other popular Japanese pop cultures like light novels, manga, and video games. Some of the most famous anime are actually spin-offs of these light novels, manga, video games, and other media.

With English dubs and subtitles coming into play, anime has rapidly prospered globally, making it one of the most liked genres among adults and kids alike. If you are just getting started with anime or looking to make a watchlist of some great titles, we will share with you a list of all-time favorites,  including the classics and the latest titles.

It’s a herculean task to pick, choose, and rank anime series and films because there is so much amazing content to choose from. Recommendation lists are subjective, and of course, there are so many titles that are worthy of binge-watching other than our suggested titles.

So, without further ado, let’s find out what are some of the best Japanese anime and why!

1. One Punch Man

Saitama, the One Punch Man knocks his opponents down, literally with a single punch. He has eventually made his dream come true by becoming a superhero, but there is a problem with that; he is way too brawny, and no longer feels any thrill in his fights.

Unsatisfied and blase, Saitama’s hunt for a challenging opponent unknowingly leads him to save others’ lives on several occasions.

One of the most uproarious and capricious anime, this comedic webcomic manga spin-off is a hit series due to its conjecture that ‘the good guy always wins’ becomes mainstream, even for the superhero himself.

2. My Hero Academia

Another manga remake, My Hero Academia is among the most admired airing TV series that is currently in its sixth season. It follows the youthful lad Izuku Midoriya, born with superpowers, and his fellow protagonists fighting the villains. Scouted by All Might, the world’s most distinguished hero, Izuku gets enrolled in his training school to learn more combat fighting skills.

My Hero Academia attracted a huge international audience of anime fans because the series is set in a way that gives the vibes of a Hollywood Superhero comic instead of a Japanese anime.

3. Steins;Gate

Very few anime buffs consider Steins;Gate among the best Japanese anime produced in the 2010s. This Sci-Fi psychological thriller anime follows Rintaro Okabe (aka Mad Scientist) and a couple of other members of Future Gadget Laboratory, trying to develop a time-traveling machine.

Steins;Gate garnered huge praise from critics for its strong characters, gripping plot, and futuristic story. If you are in for a time loop madness, you must watch this series, and rest assured, it’s mind-blowing.

4. Naruto

Naruto is one of the greatest Japanese anime series with a ninja theme. The series is set in the fictional Ninja (Shinobi) world and follows a young boy Naruto Uzumaki who is the protagonist of this series. Naruto and his fellow Ninja warriors complete missions while showcasing different Ninja techniques.

This anime series consists of two parts, Naruto (2002 to 2007) and Naruto Shippuden (2007 to 2017). This adventure comic fantasy series is loaded with anime’s essentials like unbreakable friendships, family bondings, love, and betrayal.

Naruto is the top anime pick for millions of fans, not only in Japan but all around the world, and it rightly deserves that.

5. Your Lie in April

Your Lie in April is a famous Japanese romantic manga series adaptation. It follows the story of a piano wunderkind Kōsei Arima, recovering from the grief of his mother’s death. Kōsei discovers that playing piano and music is much more than hitting each note exquisitely, and even a single tune can open the window to April’s pleasant spring air.

This romantic anime series is a heartfelt story of two star-crossed lovers connected by music and gives such cordial vibes. Amazingly beautiful and equally sad, Your Lie in April will definitely touch your heart in a way you can’t imagine. You better keep a tissue box at hand while watching it.

6. One Piece

One piece is without any doubt the most popular ongoing anime. The whole plot of the anime series One Piece can be split into 10 parts, and you will love it even no matter where you start.

It begins with the ventures of Monkey D. Luffy, the main character, and his crew in the pirates” world. He sets his ship to sail in the sea to search for the optimum treasure called “One Piece”.

7. Bleach

Bleach is a kind of anime that both anime novice and experienced fans can watch or you can say must watch. The action-adventure series follows the Samurai theme, based on a high school boy Ichigo Kurosaki, who acquires some supernatural powers and beats evil spirits Hollows with them.

This anime is awesome if you love the supernatural category.

8. Neon Genesis Evangelion

The renowned mecha anime story revolves mainly around 4 teenagers. This group of teenagers fights the enemies named Angels by aviating the huge human-like robots called Evangelions.

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a very psychological anime along with being a mecha-fighting series. It has now become a cultural symbol and continues growing its large fan base despite being released 25 years ago.

9. Death Note

Death Note is a horror and mystery anime that is highly rated among anime fans. A death god leaves a notebook out in the world, whoever’s name will be written in it they will die. This notebook is a product of the chaos that occurs in this series. Light Yagami, the protagonist of the series, finds and tests it out.

It is one of the most liked anime without which the best anime list can’t be completed. The reason behind its worldwide popularity is partly due to the anime’s short story. The series is completed in just 37 episodes; the storyline is also well-elaborated.

10. Clannad

Clannad is a masterpiece of Kyoto Animations, which is suggested for any anime fan. The anime has no action scenes or any supernatural activity happening in it but represents human drama very sensitively.

It is a story based on the leading characters, Tomoya and Nagisa, and their daily life in high school. The anime series climax is presented in the second half of the story, and heart-touching episodes will move you. Clannad is totally worth the watch and time spent on this.