What are the 6 best Bitcoin brokers?

This year, the Bitcoin price reached historic highs, and the possibility that new highs are reached becomes more and more attractive. No wonder investors’ interest in crypto actives has been increasing a lot, and so is the need to choose a good broker to deal with their Bitcoins.

Brokers, which are also often known as exchanges are, in fact, operators that will enable the exchange and negotiation with cryptocurrencies. But before you start buying and also selling, you need to know how they work, what are their main features, and also what are the fees usually charged on transactions.

But don’t worry, we created this article exactly to help you, separating a list of the best brokers today for those who you want to trade with Bitcoin, just choose the most attractive one!

How to choose the ideal broker for you

In order to choose the most suitable broker for what you are looking for, it is necessary that you take some points into consideration when do your analysis, like the following.

● Always check the affiliation. Although the cryptoactive sector does not yet have any specific regulation, Bitcoin brokers must always be affiliated with ABC Cripto, which is the entity in favor of the crypto economy in Brazil.

● Make sure the brokerage is secure. Understand and know what security mechanisms are used by the platform you want to use, for example, two-step verification, requirement that it be strong, and other types of security barriers.

● Check out the liquidity. A brokerage that has a high volume of trades will be used by a large number of users, both for buying and selling cryptoactives.

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In other words, a broker with great liquidity offers you more business opportunities.

● Know the payment methods. Before you create your account within the chosen broker, make sure you check which payment methods are used, as some brokers offer everything from credit card payments to deposits. How can I protect myself from credit card fraud when I’m online?

● Know them all the fees. Whether making deposits or making withdrawals, it is always necessary that you know the fees that are applied on top of your transactions.

Top 6 cryptoactive brokers

After you do a good analysis of the above items, it’s time for you know the main brokers that are currently in the market, choosing according to your preference, of course!

  • Coinext: This is one of the most recent brokers in the market today, and offers to its users the main cryptocurrencies that are traded around the world. In addition, this platform also has personalized service through live chat, and has applications for Android and IOS.
  • Foxbir: This is one of the best known brokers in Brazil, and has been operating since 2021 in the cryptoactive market. Due to its wide user base, liquidity ends up becoming one of the strongest points of this Brazilian broker.
  • Bitblue: The main attractions of this broker are the integration systems with several banks, which ends up streamlining the transfer of various types of values, and your application of high quality. This is without counting the protection system, since the broker requires users to identify for any type of financial movement.
  • Bitcointrade: This is a good broker for those who are looking for exemption from commissions on top of Bitcoins within the transactions that are carried out. This company also has an excellent technology to protect its users’ data, encrypting everything through the PCI DSS level 2 certification.

Bitcoin Market: Among the advantages of this platform you find ease of use and high reliability, since last year this broker was recognized as one of the most reliable 100 worldwide.

  • Novadax: This company has about 100 thousand customers, and its liquidity is over 200 million traded within cryptoactives. This broker has a very diversified portfolio of virtual currencies, and even some more unknown altcoins can also be traded here.
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    Any of the companies above is an excellent choice, but you can do it too your own research in order to decide which is the best broker for your trades! There are several different ways to enter the crypto market. To understand more about it, click here.

How can I protect myself from credit card fraud when I’m online?

First and foremost, make sure that your cell phone or computer is up to date on the latest anti-infection programming.

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You should also make sure that your passwords are strong, using a mix of letters, uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Similarly, you should avoid using the same secret word for distinct documents.

You should always double-check a website’s security and authenticity before viewing it. As a general rule, a web address that begins with HTTPS is more secure than one that begins with HTTP. You can also check to see if a company is legitimate before visiting their website. In the United Kingdom, you can use the Financial Conduct Authority register to verify the legitimacy of a financial specialist co-op.

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Companies House can also be used to find out information about a company.

You should also avoid using public wifi because it is insecure. While web shopping, your home wifi or even your cell phone’s data connection is more secure. If you’re using a public computer, make sure you log out of all your accounts after you’re finished.

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The records of card backers, in particular.