What Can Make Your Photos Look Unique and Outstanding?

What Can Make Your Photos Look Unique and Outstanding

The uniqueness of the content is a prerequisite for bringing any website to the top. This is equally true for text materials and images. Modern search engines have learned to differentiate unique images for a site from non-unique ones. Google, Yandex, and other search engines will react instantly if a photo is taken from the Internet at random and posted on the website.

Why do you need to make pictures unique? Well, the advantage here is obvious, you will get traffic from the search engines. If your article has unique pictures, as well as intelligently optimized, you can safely count on good traffic from image search to your resource. Another benefit is improvements in search results.

It can be claimed that search engines somehow take into account the uniqueness of images, and sites, where the pictures are unique, will always rank higher, all other things being equal. On the other hand, if the pictures are not unique, then they may not even be indexed by search engines.

The most popular techniques for making your photos unique

2. Frankenstein

background remover

For some, this might be quite a very difficult way. It implies connecting several pictures and thus having some editing skills. The good news is, to do this, you do not need to be good at Photoshop or some other professional tool. VistaCreate is a great app that will help you make your photos unique and eye-catching. VistaCreate’s background remover makes it easy for you to combine objects from several images creating something new of your own.

2. Screenshot of something not very popular

If you go now and take a screenshot of the Google logo, then do not think that you will end up with a unique picture. No, unfortunately, the screenshot does not make the photo unique, but if you take a screenshot of the source code of this page, then you will of course get a completely unique picture since hardly anyone else did it.

If you write an article and along the way illustrate it with pictures on the topic, then screenshots are what you need. Unfortunately, this does not happen once at a time. If someone has already taken a screenshot of a page before you, it will not be original. Alternatively — a screenshot from the video.

3. Drawing

pencil drawing

This one might be one of the most difficult ways to create a unique picture but for sure the most effective. As you already understood, it implies manually drawing a picture on the topic. It will be a completely original, 100% unique picture. Unfortunately, in order to draw something worthwhile, one must have the aptitude for this.

4. Modifying an existing picture

To add uniqueness to the picture, you can change its size. But this method most likely will not work if you use only this method.

5. Rotation
This method works well together with the previous one. It is necessary to create a mirror image of the picture or turn it upside down or rotate it by a certain number of degrees. 

6. Colouring
It will perfectly complement the two previous methods. You can take a coloring picture, it has only an outline, or change the colors to an already finished one. But in some pictures, this is very difficult to do. Of course, you can also add shadows or make other modifications, but this takes much more time and skills.

7. Add text to the picture
This method basically only works if the text covers most of the picture. Write what you want and change the size. Image editors have lots and lots of effects. You can also create 3D text there. 

Creating an original picture is not an easy task. These are the main ways that can be covered. Sometimes some of the methods will be enough, sometimes you will need to put in more effort. Since content quality is quite important no matter the purpose, making your photos unique is something that should not be neglected.

Before filling your site with pictures — whether they are some illustrations for your blog articles, products for an online store, or content for promoting your brand, you need to make a lot of effort to be sure that those photos are 100% unique, but for sure, unique pictures will help in promoting your site or your brand.

Of course, it is best not to use non-unique pictures. Ideally, it will be if you take a photo of the goods for the online store yourself. The same goes with the pictures for your blogs and other Internet resources, draw them yourself, if you do not know how then order from the artist. This, though, requires a certain budget, but there are a lot of good artists freelancing and creating good designs for little money.


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