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What Do You Need to Know About Muting Someone on Instagram?

What You Need to Know About Muting Someone on Instagram?

The unfollowing of a new coworker on Instagram could be seen as rude. You can mute someone if you don’t want to view their Stories or posts but still want to communicate with them. Learn how to silence a user on Instagram in this article.

Instagram will not alert the profile you silence that you have done so. You can stop seeing a user’s updates and Stories in two different ways: (or both). Let’s start with this one.

How to Mute Someone on Instagram

You can mute a user or a page by going to their profile in the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android device.

Now, click “Mute Posts” if you just wish to silence their contributions. Choose “Mute Posts And Story” if you only want them to hide their Stories from you.

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How to Unmute Someone on Instagram

You can still view a muted user’s posts and Stories by visiting their profile. In order to unmute someone, go back to their profile and hit the “Following” button before choosing the “Mute” option.

You can now unmute the Instagram account by toggling the switches next to “Posts” and “Stories.”

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