What Does “Crop” Mean on TikTok?

On social media sites like TikTok, new jargon is always appearing. Users always devise new techniques to communicate with one another in order to convey their messages more. Some of the more unusual TikTok terminologies you’re likely to encounter on your phone include acronyms and terms like FYP, OOMF, and shadowbanned.

FYP is an abbreviation for “for you page,” OOMF is an abbreviation for “one of my followers,” and being shadowbanned means TikTok is preventing your videos from appearing in other people’s searches because you violated one or more of the community guidelines. One of the most recent questions on the app is about what it means to “need a crop.” Here’s what you need to know.

What Does Tik Tok’s “Crop” Mean?

what does crop mean on tiktok

People are confused about what it means to need a crop on TikTok, according to a Reddit discussion of confused TikTokers. “I’ve seen comments like this but I have no idea what it means and now someone commented on my meme video and I don’t want to ask him because I’ll sound dumb,” one Redditor wondered.”

“It means they want you to upload the meme without anything obstructing it so they can screenshot it — I guess,” another Redditor on the discussion responded. In other words, everyone who comments on your TikTok video about “needing a crop” is just asking you to repost your material without any phrases, hashtags, symbols, or captions in front of the main subject of your video.

If you’re uploading a meme with a few important details in the bottom left-hand corner, you should definitely avoid adding anything that might obscure those elements. Otherwise, you risk receiving a “we need crop” message “response from a random stranger.

In relation to crop comments on TikTok, another individual on the Reddit thread wrote, “Can someone tell me why I have been seeing this more lately?” “[I don’t know,” another Redditor replied. It’s always been a thing, but is it becoming more popular now? Lol.”

Now that these comments are appearing more frequently than ever on everyone’s TikTok videos, it’s time to figure out why.

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Is there another reason the phrase “we need crop” is circulating?

what does crop mean on tiktok

TikTok users may also comment “we need crop” on TikTok videos to indicate that a video does not need to be as long as it is. Some TikTokers, for example, are irritated when they see a video that is supposed to be a clothing haul but instead of the guy or girl trying on their garments straight away, they spend the first half of the movie talking about companies, clothing trends, and their personal fashion sense.

If a video like that receives a “we need crop” comment, it’s most likely from a user who wishes all the superfluous talking was cut out so they could focus on the garment haul.

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How Are People Making Fun of “Crop”?

what does crop mean on tiktok

Nothing is safe from becoming a TikTok meme, including turning an overused comment into its own satirical trend. Because “crop?” comments have grown so frequent on TikTok, people are now utilizing the term to prank users in their comment box. “Story time?” is another common comment that arose from a genuine interest in a video and was used when viewers desired a follow-up explanation of the story behind a particular video. “story time?” has now become a meme, similar to crop remarks.

You are not alone if you are perplexed by this trend. Many users have turned to TikTok to express their disappointment at being left out of an inside joke. However, it appears that the joke is simply making fun of how frequently this statement has been said on the app and that TikTok comments are now being used to troll users.