What Does the Phrase “We Need Crop” on TikTok Mean?

What TikTokers mean when they quip, “We need crop,” has some scratching their heads.

A lot of slang is promoted and spread on TikTok. These words or phrases occasionally come from specialized communities or cultural groups and make their way onto TikTok. Other times, users create their own original terminology to express concepts inside the program.

TikTok continually features new trends, memes, and challenges, just like any other well-known social media network. Some of them don’t need much explanation.

For instance, in the Thanos snap fad, TikTok producers record videos of objects being taken from them.

Some trends are complete head-scratchers, like the brownie recipe trend. On TikTok, things occasionally become viral for no particular reason, and that’s part of what makes the app so interesting.

What Did “Crop” Mean Before Tik Tok?
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what does crop on tiktok mean

Have you ever downloaded a TikTok to your phone, prepared to watch it again and share it whatever you choose, only to realize that the video has TikTok watermarks on it?
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Or perhaps you tried to screen record a video that you couldn’t save, but the like and comment icons on the right side of the screen prevented you from capturing a vital part of the video? So you’ve already figured out what the original intent of the “crop” comments was.

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If there’s one thing to be said about TikTokers, it’s that they’re always willing to get inventive when fixing problems since necessity breeds ingenuity.

Many TikTokers started requesting that creators upload a cropped version of their video as they grappled with their inability to store films — notably fan cams and photographs of their favorite celebs — without unwelcome blemishes on the screen.

By doing this, users can screen record the video in its cropped form without any restrictions and can also take a screenshot of a still image from the video to use as their phone’s backdrop.

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Could There Be Another Explanation Behind the Phrase “we Need Crop”?

what does crop on tiktok mean

Users on TikTok might also quickly point out that a video doesn’t need to be as long as it is by commenting on TikTok videos with the phrase “we need crop.” For instance, some TikTokers feel irritated when they see a video that’s supposed to be a clothing haul but the guy or the girl spends the first half of the movie talking about brands, clothing trends, and their unique fashion sense instead of immediately trying on their outfits.

When a video like that receives a “we need crop” comment, the user typically only wants the unnecessary chatting removed so they can concentrate on the garment haul.