On TikTok, What Does It Mean when People Say “IB”?

The majority of TikTok users seem to have their own language at times, and in many respects, they most definitely do! Before TikTok, “FYP” had no meaning, but today you see it all over the video-sharing app. There is a long number of TikTok-specific vocabulary phrases that only frequent users of the app actually comprehend, such as “Xyzcba,” “POV,” and “Heather.”

Recently, we discovered a new one: “ib.” We had no idea what the #ib tag represented until we noticed it was frequently used in the captions of videos. So, after some research, we can now confirm that it has at least two interpretations. These are them!

What Does “IB” on Tik Tok Stand For?

what does ib mean on tiktok

When you see “ib” (or #ib) in a TikTok video’s caption, it’s frequently followed by someone else’s username and not the person whose video you are currently watching. There is a straightforward explanation for what it means in such a situation. Ib, in its simplest form, stands for “inspired by.”

When someone is credited for starting a certain dance or trend by creating their own video, they frequently use the abbreviation “ib”. It’s comparable to when users submit videos of themselves doing a TikTok dance that was created by someone else and use “dc” to offer “dance credit.” Although “ib” is also frequently used in dance videos, it appears that “dc” is more common.

Although there aren’t any official guidelines for doing so, it is good to offer the original authors of the accounts that inspire you a shout-out in your TikTok caption. Additionally, it is not a good idea to claim that an idea is entirely your own if it was substantially influenced by another person (and we have all seen the reactions of popular account followers to content “stealers” who behave in that manner!


Having said that, there is another interpretation of “ib” on TikTok (and in real life, too).

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International Baccalaureate courses may sometimes be referred to as “IB.”

what does ib mean on tiktok

On TikTok, some of the videos with the #ib tag don’t even mention being “inspired by” anything. Instead, they are identified by the hashtag #ib because they contain information about IB (or International Baccalaureate) courses. IB courses resemble AP (or Advanced Placement) courses in that high school students can enroll in them to receive college credit prior to enrolling in college.

IB students will likely tell you how demanding and challenging the program is (and that their classes are far harder than AP classes), if you question them about it.
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Aside from the Theory of Knowledge, there are IB classes in six subject areas (Language and Literature, Language Acquisition, Individuals and Societies, Sciences, Mathematics, and The Arts).

To get an IB diploma and college credit, IB students must enroll in courses in all six subject areas and Theory of Knowledge (assuming the schools they apply to give credit for IB classes).
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Final Words

IB can imply a number of various things, however on TikTok it is frequently used to mean “Inspired By.” This is typically done to acknowledge a trend’s originator or the person who served as an inspiration for the subsequent user to produce a comparable video.