What Does Ratio Mean on Tik Tok? Why Everyone Commenting “Ratio” on Tik Tok Videos?

Every day, depending on how much time you spend on TikTok, you may come across various new trends, challenges, and dances. You gradually begin to pick up on the jargon as well. Remember when you had no idea what the term “fyp” meant? That was a long time ago! Remember how you used to think “accountants” were the people who did your taxes? That was a perplexing period.

We recently discovered another TikTok riddle involving the word “ratio.” On some TikTok videos, you may notice a slew of comments that say “Ratio me” or “Ratio me 1:1.” So, what does this imply? Here’s what we discovered.

What Does Tik Tok’s “Ratio” Mean?

what does ratio mean on tiktok

You’ve probably come across the term “ratio” when reading the comments on a TikTok video. It’s only used in response to another comment, which is because the answer is usually trying to prove something. The majority of TikTokers, in fact, disagree with the initial comment.

The pattern is as follows: someone publishes a comment, then someone else responds to that reply with “Ratio.” The “ratio” comment then either receives more likes than the comment to which they answered, or it does not. Others will respond with “W,” which is short for “win” or “winner” if they successfully “ratio.

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” Others may answer with “L,” which stands for loser or loss if they fail.

In other words, a ratio is a shortcut way of putting a specific opinion to a vote through likes. A TikTok video can be ratioed if a specific comment receives twice the number of likes as the video itself.

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Is It Always a Negative Thing to Be Ratioed on Tik Tok?

what does ratio mean on tiktok

No, not always. To add to the confusion, the word ‘ratio’ is used in multiple contexts on TikTok. On TikTok, a person may occasionally comment, “ratio me 1:1.”

This suggests they want their comment to have the same number of likes as the TikTok on which they’re commenting. To reach a 1:1 ratio, if a TikTok has 1,000 likes, the user’s remark must also have 1,000 likes.

Sometimes these ratios become a little more difficult and go on and on. If a user comments, “Ratio me 1:1:1,” this signifies that they want their comment and the response to their comment to have the same amount of likes as their initial TikTok.

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Is It True that All Tik Tok Ratios Are Bad?

what does ratio mean on tiktok

So far, it appears that ratios are simply a method for anonymous TikTokers to dogpile on someone. However, some have recently established ratio threads for the sake of amusement.

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For example, a sort of mini-game has sprung up in comment areas when someone will respond with “ratio 1:1.” In such circumstances, the user invites others to retain the number of likes on their comment at the same level as the initial comment.

In the preceding example, both comments had 25.9K likes. Over 50,000 TikTok users have to work together to keep these statistics consistent. In addition, two further replies received 1145 likes apiece. This is only for the challenge of keeping numerical consistency.

Final Words

If you’ve been ‘ratioed’ on TikTok, it usually means that your comment has received more replies than likes. This means that there are more individuals who disagree with your opinion than agree with it.

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