What Does ‘W’ Mean On TikTok? New Term Explained

TikTok is home to a plethora of trends, hacks, acronyms, and abbreviations, not all of which are positive.

Some users, such as Charli D’Amelio, Khaby Lame, and Addison Rae, have become online celebrities as a result of it. The bulk of people who use the site, on the other hand, are merely trying to make sense of all of the new slang phrases and acronyms that are going about.

The letters ‘W’ and ‘L’ have been stumping visitors of the site recently.

Some people were perplexed not long ago by the letters ‘[AS]’ being used in videos. It’s either a letter ‘W’ or a letter ‘L’ this time, which is a bit of a mystery.

There’s also the meaning of ‘BBL,’ which we discussed in another post.

What does ‘W’ mean on TikTok?

What Does ‘W’ Mean On TikTok

When a TikTok user comments with a ‘W,’ or someone uses it in a video, it typically signifies ‘Win,’ as in the TikToker is winning at life, an argument, or just in a good mood.

What does ‘L’ mean on TikTok?

In contrast, TikTok users might type ‘L’ to indicate that they’re a ‘Loser’ or ‘Losing’ at anything – life, a fight, or just feeling fed up or unhappy.

Here’s an example from @erocdog, a skateboarding dog with over 1 million followers on TikTok.

He said on Instagram, “Doubles with @tonyhawk #rideit #erocdog #tonyhawk #petsoftiktok #uksports #uk #fyp #dog #love #london #legend #r #a #w #skate #life #beyourself #live.” If he was riding with Tony Hawk, he was definitely winning!

On the other side, here’s a TikTok example of #L in action.

@samanthayve, a TikTok user with over 4 million followers, submitted a make-up video that went horribly wrong, earning it the #L hashtag.

She tweeted, “The conclusion makes me want to CRY bruh THAT WAS THE WORST EVER #storytime #embarrassing #bruh #CanYouWorkIt #L #scary.”

‘W’ and ‘L’ are also not confined to TikTok. It was used on Twitter by this individual.

“@TexasMBB, what a horrible game. There were 22 turnovers. #L #Ashamed, #L #Ashamed, #L #Ashamed “they penned