What Future Innovations Are Going to Define the World of Sports Betting?

The world of sports betting has changed so much in just the past few years alone. Changes to the legality have been a defining part of the industry, as Canada and the United States have pushed forward on legalizing sports betting. But there have also been major tech innovations, including live betting, mobile betting, and online betting bonus offers, all of which wouldn’t have been possible in the pre-internet age.

While these core innovations have shaped the last decade or two, there are upcoming innovations that seem likely to shape the next several decades. Technology moves at an incredible speed, and there are already several different tech innovations that could define the future of betting. Let’s look at what they are.

Virtual Reality

By now, we’ve all seen the Apple Vision Pro, the VR and AR interface that is set to be released by Apple in 2024. This type of technology seems likely to only become more widespread over the next few years, and sports bettors will certainly be excited by the possibilities.

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Watching a sporting event through immersive virtual reality and placing live wagers on that event through split-screen features will make for a one-of-a-kind gambling experience. This is something that isn’t far away, and there are many gamblers that will be thrilled at the possibilities of a more immersive betting experience.
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Streaming Deals

While this might not be specifically a tech innovation, it is an important part of the future of sports. Streaming deals are a big consideration when it comes to how the next generation of fans are going to be watching games. Companies like AppleTV, Amazon Prime, and others have moved into the sports streaming industry. So, if bettors want to watch their favorite teams play, they might have to be subscribed to the latest streaming channels. With cable television losing viewers and running out of steam, bettors should be paying attention to which streaming companies are swooping in to fill the void.

Statistical Models

Stats are a bettor’s best friend. The more you know about a sporting event, the better equipped you are to make decisions that can lead to big profits. For bettors, there are many great statistical resources on the internet that can shape a gambling strategy. But what is likely to occur is that these statistics will only get more advanced. Just look at baseball. Every year, it seems new statistics are generated that are helping to get the sports down to a science. This trend will certainly continue.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has been a massive talking point over the past year as ChatGPT and other similar software have become mainstream and found widespread usage. This technology is evolving and getting smarter at a faster-than-ever rate, and it will be integrated into more aspects of our lives than we can imagine over the next few years. Bettors will certainly find usage for it. Sports betting sites will likely run on AI chatbots rather than have paid customer service representatives, and there will likely be bots that make betting trend predictions with surprising rates of accuracy.

Virtual Sports

Virtual sports is a betting technology that simulates sporting events, and bettors can wager on these randomly simulated events. The interface for these events is not spectacular, and most bettors avoid this market. However, the future of virtual sports betting could look very different. If betting sites can create better virtual sports graphics that are more in-depth and realistic, bettors will likely be very interested. Combine this with Virtual Reality technology, and it could be an exciting new frontier for the gambling industry.