What Is Android System WebView, and Can I Uninstall It Without Problem?

A component of the Android operating system called Android System WebView enables apps to show material from the internet without having to use a web browser. There is no need to be concerned about it operating on your phone because it is an integral part of the Android OS and apps utilise it for a particular function. Even if you can disable Android System WebView, certain apps won’t function properly as a result.

Because WebView capability was integrated into Chrome on older versions of Android, notably Android 7, 8, or 9, you may disable WebView on those devices without interfering with other apps.

What Is Android System WebView?

Apple System Without launching a separate browser, WebView is an Android component that collects and presents material from the internet. It was first hidden from consumers since it was a core component of the Android operating system. You can see it in your app list because it was separated into a separate app in Android 5.

You can interact with Android System WebView the same way you would with other applications because it is an app and is shown in your app list. It may be turned off, stopped abruptly, its storage and cache cleared, and its data use monitored. Like other applications, it is also updated through Google Play.

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How Does Android System WebView Work?

Apple System Without launching a separate web browser, WebView is an Android OS component that enables applications to access and display material from the internet. There are three ways for an app developer to show material from the internet, such as a website: they may use WebView to display the information within the app itself, open the content in Chrome using the Custom Tabs feature, or open the content in a web browser, such as Chrome.

The advantage of WebView over the alternatives is that it essentially provides the developer with the capabilities to embed a condensed form of Chromium inside their programme for an aesthetically pleasing and seamless experience. The drawback is that it lacks some functionality seen in genuine browsers like Chrome, and it doesn’t exchange things like cookies and login information for websites you’ve already visited in Chrome.

In-app web pages including privacy policies, login pages, and online-based apps are frequently shown using WebView. Using WebView, the app may show this material without a browser, enhancing the user experience.

WebView enables you to click links within social media apps like Facebook and Twitter and access the associated website without using a different browser like Chrome. It is simpler to return to what you were doing in the app when you’re ready because the link opens in the original app straight.

In certain instances, the app you download from Google Play is really simply a wrapper that accesses a web-based programme using WebView. In that situation, disabling WebView will completely stop the programme from functioning.

Is Android System WebView Safe to Uninstall?

Because Android System WebView is a system programme, you cannot remove it. Google Play allows you to delete updates, but Android won’t let you remove the programme itself. If you think it’s broken, you can force it to stop. You can also disable it, however, if you have Android 10 or later, doing so can interfere with other apps.

Although WebView itself cannot be removed, modifications to the application may. Nevertheless, this might lead to security gaps, so you should only remove WebView upgrades if you have a valid excuse.

Here’s how to remove changes to the Android System WebView:

  1. Tap your profile image next to the search box while Google Play is open.

  2. Tap on Manage apps & devices.

  3. Now Tap Manage.

    What Is Android System WebView, and Is It Safe to Uninstall?
  4. Locate and tap on Android System WebView.

  5. Tap on Uninstall.

    What Is Android System WebView, and Is It Safe to Uninstall?

How to Disable Android System WebView

If you have Android 7, 8, or 9, you may disable Android System WebView without encountering any issues. The WebView app isn’t as crucial in these Android iterations because Chrome already has WebView capability. You shouldn’t disable WebView unless you have a valid cause if you have Android 10 or later.

To disable Android System WebView, follow these steps:

  1. Tap Applications or Apps after opening Settings.

  2. Then choose More or View all applications.

    What Is Android System WebView, and Is It Safe to Uninstall?
  3. Tap on Android System WebView.

  4. Now Tap on Disable.

    What Is Android System WebView, and Is It Safe to Uninstall?

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