What is keeping casino gaming popular in 2022?

Having been around for decades, casinos are one of the most traditional entertainment venues. Dating back to ancient Chinese games when the first dice games were invented, casino games have historic origins that became popular in European culture around the 19th century. In the UK, casino games like bingo, blackjack and poker became popular in the 19th century, particularly with the middle classes at exclusive casino venues.

As for the likes of bingo, it was a popular game to be played in local village halls to raise money for local communities during and after the war. However, today, casino games are just as popular as they were back then and even more so with the younger generations now. So, exactly how have casinos kept people’s interest over all this time?

Thanks to continually evolving technologies, the casino industry has been one to adopt these latest technologies and incorporate them into it’s gaming offerings.

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In fact, over the last decade there’s been a huge shift towards online and electronic casino games that has helped the industry to reinvent itself of sorts.

Below, we’ll take a closer look at some of the ways casinos have incorporated the latest technologies to ensure they’re still just as popular today as they were a few decades ago.

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Mobile Gaming

As smartphones have become more accessible across the world and the likes of 4G and 5G internet have improved in many destinations, it’s now become possible for more people than ever to access their favorite casino games from almost anywhere and at any time of day, or night for that matter. Players could be on a remote beach in the Caribbean, on the commute to work or even on a ferry crossing the channel and would still be able to access their favorite casino games at the touch of a button.

As smartphones have improved, many casino providers have adapted their online casino offering to ensure they can offer a seamless mobile experience with mobile friendly displays and excellent graphics quality. What’s more, to make casino games on mobile even more accessible, many providers now offer an integrated app that offers a more personalised experience on mobile where consumers do not need to load the site in their browser.

Advanced payment methods

Just a decade ago, online shopping and services were readily available but the payment times were very limited and using a visa posed a risk to consumers as online fraud was on the rise. As a result, this acted as a barrier to consumers being able to enjoy online casino entertainment as there was fear of identity fraud or credit card details being stolen.

However, today is a completely different picture in which new payment and anti-fraud technologies mean that playing online casino games has never been safer. Some of the popular payment methods for online casinos include:

Crypto Currencies

Crypto currencies operate via blockchain technology, meaning they are not regulated by the central bank. As such, this payment method is often much more convenient for players as there’s no need to wait for the bank to approve transactions.

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In addition, crypto payments are much harder to track, offering an air of anonymity for players too.

Online Wallets

Online wallets are a place where users cans store their money online or connect their account to their main bank account. This method is popular as it means users don’t have to enter their card payment details every time they want to make a transaction.

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Mobile Payments

While mobile payments are a little more restrictive as there is a block on how much you can deposit using this method, it’s great for players on the go who are only playing small stakes games with a small amount of cash. Simply scan your face ID or use your fingerprint on your smartphone are you’re ready to go.

Themed slot games

While traditional slot games used to just be three lines of classic fruit symbols, today’s electronic and online slot games are far more advanced. Games like Rainbow Riches offer a completely immersive experience, where players can get lost in the Irish world of brightly coloured leprechauns, rainbows and four leaf clovers. It’s a traditional theme but offers an entertainment factor that simply couldn’t be found in more traditional slot games.

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In addition, many electronic and online slots are now more of a video gaming experience than a stand alone slot game. Players can choose from themes based on their favorite tv shows and movies while accessing exclusive bonuses and promotional offers.

Not to mention, when playing online slots, there’s usually a much bigger jackpot than there would be in a brick and mortar casino venue too.

E-sports betting

Over the last few years, e-sports betting has been incorporated into the online casino scene and has proven to be extremely popular. Games like League of Legends offer a multiplayer community where players can battle it out in an exciting atmosphere while betting on the outcome of the game. This style of gaming is rapidly taking over the casino world in which many online casinos now offer an exclusive e-sports betting section on their site.

Overall, it has been the casino industry’s abilities to adapt to the times, remain agile and continually evolve with the latest technologies that has allowed it to remain just as popular as it was several decades ago. While the casino industry landscape may have changed drastically, it looks like it’s here to stay and keep on thriving for a number of decades yet.