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What Is the Answer to The Riddle ‘Sarah and Sam Saw Seven Sharks?

What Is the Answer to The Riddle ‘Sarah and Sam Saw Seven Sharks?

Many people don’t understand the meaning of the cryptic puzzle “Sarah and Sam spotted seven sharks.” The solution is detailed below.

Due to the lockdown period, many individuals have been staying at home, which has resulted in an abundance of spare time, especially on the weekends.

While weekends have traditionally been a time to spend with loved ones, go exploring, and socialize, many people these days prefer to stay indoors and binge-watch Netflix instead.

However, there are many who find enjoyment in challenging themselves with a variety of riddles, puzzles, and quizzes.

Recently, the urban legend that “Sarah and Sam spotted seven sharks” has begun making the rounds again on various social media platforms. Now you know the solution to the puzzle.

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Riddle: ‘Sarah and Sam Saw Seven Sharks’

The questions in this puzzle are as follows:

They counted seven sharks, and Sarah and Sam saw them all. How many times does the letter ‘S’ appear?

Did you understand it on the first try? If you didn’t, don’t panic; the solution is detailed below.

Answer: ‘Sarah and Sam Saw Seven Sharks’

To answer the question, you need just seek for the letter ‘S’ in the word sentence,’ but you may be tempted to search for all the letters ‘S’ in the entire enigma.

Others have gotten the number 7 by counting all the ‘S’s in the puzzle.

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People Argue About the Riddle

It’s a puzzle, so it’s no surprise that it’s sparked heated discussion on the internet.

Some might claim that there are none because the riddle requires a capital S.

In a sense, this is correct; the riddle is deceptive because the letters are capitalized.

Given the ambiguity there, some have arrived at the number 2 by adding up the capital letters in Sarah’s and Sam’s names.

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