What Is the “Caught in 4 K” Meme that Is Going Viral Now?

These days, Twitter users keep running into the “Caught in 4k” trend.

The viral meme is not exactly a new concept, but it is now experiencing a resurgence in popularity on social networking sites.

The internet’s go-to slang phrase during the past few months is “Caught in 4k.” What it signifies and how you can utilize it are explained below.

 “Caught in 4 K” Meme: What Is It?

What Is the "Caught in 4 K" Meme that Is Going Viral Now?

As was already established, the phrase “Caught in 4K” is colloquial. This internet meme, in contrast to many others, is applicable in a variety of contexts.

Typically, it refers to a person who has been seen on camera or in a photograph performing an act that is forbidden or despised.

A high-definition video shot in Ultra HD, 4K, or 8K is typically present with it.

The phrase “Caught in 4K” means that there is no question about what just occurred because the proof is conclusive.

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Caught in 4 K’s Origin Explored

According to the Know Your Meme website, the phrase was first used in a 2019 YouTube video made on “RDCworld1.”

It was featured in a comedic scene in which a lawyer is speaking with a rapper client who has been caught on camera doing a number of offenses.

The rapper’s lawyer once informs him that the video of him committing the crimes is in 4K resolution.

What Is the "Caught in 4 K" Meme that Is Going Viral Now?

Despite having its roots in 2019, the phrase is said to have entered common usage on the internet in August 2020 thanks to Twitter user @zimsimmaa, who included a brief excerpt from “RDCworld1” in a post about Jeffree Star’s then-rumored lover.

Both the reaction and the expression gained popularity online.

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Certain Hilarious Memes from The Trend

Since August 2020, “Caught in 4k” has been frequently utilized and has given rise to a number of humorous internet memes. Here are some examples of them.

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