What Is the Origin of The White Spikes in The Tomorrow War?

With Chris McKay’s live-action directing debut, The Tomorrow War, Amazon has given viewers the opportunity to watch one of the year’s biggest box office draws without having to leave their living rooms.

When a gang of time travelers from 2051 travel to 2022 to deliver an urgent message, the sci-fi action flick gets going. They forewarn the present-day populace that, in 30 years, an unknown extraterrestrial race will invade Earth and conquer it.

Dan Forester (Chris Pratt) takes action with the help of a scientist and his estranged father to return to the future with reinforcements from the past.

The film leaves viewers wondering who or what these unknown invaders are and where they came from the whole time. The White Spikes of The Tomorrow War need to be explained, so let’s do that now.

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The Tomorrow War: White Spikes Explained

What Is the Origin of The White Spikes in The Tomorrow War?

The film’s aliens, whom we come to know as White Spikes, are given that moniker.

ScreenRant notes that in the original timeline, they sprang out of nowhere in Northern Russia in 2048 and quickly spread around the world. The planet’s population went from billions to half a million in just three years.

Humanity initially rationalizes the aliens’ stealthy entrance by assuming they are extremely high-functioning and technologically advanced. However, the mirage will inevitably burst.

It’s made clear to viewers that these aliens don’t bring any advanced technology with them; instead, they defeat humanity in sheer numbers. It’s true that when Dan and his crew find their ship in Russia, everything becomes clear.

The White Spikes were shown to be nothing more than a biological weapon developed by a far more technologically advanced alien race. They were just carrying weapons, and the White Spikes are used by this advanced civilization to wipe off native species before colonizing a planet.

Martin (Seth Schenall), one of the aliens who crash-landed on Earth, says that the ash caught on the White Spikes’ claws dates back to 946 A.D., making the aliens’ arrival coincided with the eruption of Paektu Mountain, also known as the Millennium Eruption.

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A Cautionary Tale…

What Is the Origin of The White Spikes in The Tomorrow War?

The White Spikes’ escape from their frigid prison to annoy humanity is one of the film’s most important lessons.

We now know that global warming and the disappearance of polar ice caps were to blame. That means the sunken ship from Northern Russia finally came to the surface after being buried for over a millennium.

It is speculated that the monster creatures woke up from their cryogenic sleep due to the ship’s motions caused by the melting ice or the presence of other beings.

Hearing their deaths caused a large number of others to stand up after being poisoned.

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“I Wanted Them to Feel Ancient”

What Is the Origin of The White Spikes in The Tomorrow War?

In an interview with Newsweek, filmmaker Chris McKay discussed the making of White Spikes:

“I wanted them to have a primitive intellect, that they understood their communication like coyotes and wolves can, you know, they will hunt in packs and run plays to track their prey,” he continued.

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