Best Music Apps to Listen without Internet or Wi-Fi

Everyone enjoys music, and it can be found in many different areas. Generally, in order to download and listen to music, we need Wi-Fi or the Internet. But these days, there are a lot of free music streaming apps available. Isn’t this fantastic news for fans of music?

No matter where they are, everyone in today’s world has a smartphone, which enables us to meet their urge to listen to music of any genre. However, the issue appears when you are unable to access free internet or Wi-Fi.

You could consider how to listen to your preferred song. You may find a number of alternatives on the Play Store for this. The most popular are listed below:

Google Play Music

what music app doesn t need wifi

With the help of this free music streaming software, you may listen to songs on your Android smartphone quickly and without the need for Wi-Fi or the Internet. Additionally, the app is now pre-installed on smartphones. Songs, Artists, Albums, and Playlists make up its music library. This program is well-rated and has a straightforward UI. It is also very popular.


what music app doesn t need wifi

The most popular app that can be used without Wi-Fi is Spotify. With the aid of this software, you may store films, music, and podcasts for offline viewing at a later time. It is among the popular music streaming services out there. You may listen to 20 million strong tunes in its collection.

Furthermore, you may enhance your listening experience by using the BBC Playlist service. On your PC, Spotify is completely free to use. However, mobile users would have to pay $12.99 a month for it, and it will also remove advertisements.

Wynk Music

what music app doesn t need wifi

One of the best music apps available is Wynk Music, which works without Wi-Fi or the Internet. It is a free offline music app available for iOS and Android users alike. With this software, you may quickly search for and enjoy offline any of your favorite songs.

You may use it to search for music by title or by genre, including Bollywood, pop, rock, party, romantic, emotional, and old romantic vintage songs. Regional language music is also accessible, including Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, and others.

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Apple Music

what music app doesn t need wifi

Apple Music helps with a combination of offline and streaming music without a data connection. It is available on iOS and is also reachable on Android. You can access all of your iTunes purchases using this way as well, but if you were ever an iTunes customer, you’ll need to pay the $9.99/month membership fee for an Apple Music subscription on Android. There are several ways to use Apple Music to stream your favorite music and artists, whether you’re looking for radio stations, new releases, or to build your collection.


what music app doesn t need wifi

Like the majority of applications, SoundCloud does not support offline listening unless you purchase SoundCloud Go, their offline tier. The good news is that SoundCloud Go is far less expensive than other streaming services. For just $4.99 a month, you may listen to ambient music, dream pop performers, and all of your favorite SoundCloud rappers.

In addition, SoundCloud provides a $9.99/month streaming music service with 30 million songs from mainstream artists that are available on services like Apple Music and Spotify. Though the app isn’t as good as something like Spotify, SoundCloud Premium might be a terrific price if that’s something you’re interested in.

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what music app doesn t need wifi

This is yet another software that has received great feedback from users. Although Pandora doesn’t have a large soundtrack collection, it is a feature-rich program. The alarm clock on the app, which wakes you up to your favorite music, is its most incredible feature.

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With the aforementioned applications, which have functions that are essentially equivalent, you can listen to music without Wi-Fi. Although most of them don’t support every Android device, they nevertheless function rather well. Thus, pick the one that looks better and works with your device.