What services does a translation company provide?

Translation companies are increasingly common, because globalization promotes the crossing of markets in different countries and, thus, the various languages ​​cross borders through the action of their citizens. It is not uncommon to go out on the street and hear languages ​​like French, English, or Spanish being spoken and, in the same way, the work environments encourage this linguistic exchange to the maximum, especially with companies that work for international markets.

Despite its nearly 10 million inhabitants whose language official is Portuguese, Portugal is an increasingly international country and its integration into the European Union has led to exposure to a panoply of languages ​​spoken in the old continent. Thus, in addition to the Portuguese language, it is not uncommon for Portuguese youth and adults to learn a second language, with English in the first place.

However, despite the Portuguese aptitude for the languages, not all have enough knowledge to make the perfect bridge between the various languages, especially when the business world demands more technical knowledge. It is the context that any entity, within the scope of its professional activity, will look for a translation company, capable of providing the most varied services and with specialists for all types of languages.

What brings the translation company to the market?

O que traz ao mercado a empresa de tradução?

But after all, what services do translation companies provide? The name itself turns out to be a clue, because the activity of these companies focuses on translating text from one language to another, requiring not only a literal translation but also a meaningful translation adapted to the language into which it is being translated. contents. It is not uncommon for localization and translation companies to be hired for legal, medical, financial, or other specialized areas, where not only knowledge of the language is required, but also, sometimes, in-depth knowledge of the area.

*) Some of the biggest companies in the market are looking to increase their service offering and go further. Although written translation can become the main focus of a company, it is possible to find some big names offering other types of services, deploying their capabilities in order to be able to respond to the needs of customers that are growing.

One of the most common services among these companies (obviously, in addition to translation services) is subtitling. Despite being more common in films and series, subtitling goes much further than film or television, with many companies or entities needing subtitling services for promotional videos, product presentations, training videos, and instruction manuals.

Transcription is also a very common service. Moving audio text to a written version is sometimes time-consuming and tedious work, and if it involves other types of languages ​​that we are not very comfortable with, it can be a job for several hours and translation companies also tend to explore this area.

However, a translation company is not only made out of written texts, two other services that are very common among these companies are dubbing and voice-over. While the first involves the superposition of the voice translated into the intended language, the locution goes further by commenting, in the intended language, audiovisual and radio content from a text.

Finally, although the work may not be all of the communication company, it is not uncommon to find companies that do the proofreading and grammatical correction of previously written texts, guaranteeing the client the correct use of the language in crucial contexts.

Alphatrad offers these services and more

Alphatrad Portugal - empresa de tradução

Alphatrad is a translation and specialized language services company, with interpreting and proofreading services, multilingual transcription, voice dubbing, and subtitling services. Alphatrad is part of the Optilingua International Group, which has more than 10 years of experience in the translation sector, as well as around 100 branches throughout Europe.

In addition to the services already mentioned above, Alphatrad provides translation services for public entities, paging services, and interpretation services.

This is one of the companies with the largest deployment in Portugal, with offices in Guimarães, Porto, Lisbon, and Faro, and its services can also be contracted through its website or by telephone.

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