What Sport Pays The Most? Check Out The Top 5 Highest Paying Sports In The World

What is the world’s highest-paying sport?

It’s difficult to determine which sport earns the most money because there are so many different factors to consider. Basketball and soccer have some of the world’s most well-paid sports stars. This topic, however, is not about particular incomes, but rather about the highest-paying sports in general.

Our list of the top five most lucrative sports in the world is based on average earnings (including sponsorships). When we compare sports objectively using this method, we can come up with a number of fascinating outcomes.

5. The FA Premier League (FAPL) (Soccer)

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Typical Earnings: $1.6 million per year

We’ve used the Premier League because it’s the most watched soccer league in the world, but the numbers are the same for all of the big leagues throughout the world. There are more teams in the Premiership than in other sports, and each side has an average of eleven players, despite the high salary (Wayne Rooney earns $19 million a year).

4. American Football (NFL)

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$2 million is the average annual salary.

Despite the NFL’s steady rise in salary over the last few years, it doesn’t appear on our list of the highest paid sports stars. Because of this, sponsorship deals with the NFL may not be as lucrative as those with a wider regional reach, such as those in the NHL or MLB.

The NFL has a larger number of teams, and each team has an average of 11 players, which has an effect on the average salary. Some NFL players, such quarterback Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers, earn more than $22 million per year in salary alone.

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3. Ice Hockey (NHL)

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Pay: $2.58 million on average

The NHL is a popular sport in the United States, Canada, and Europe. The NHL’s third-place finish may come as a surprise to some, given that it generates a far smaller cash stream than the NFL, NBA, or MLB. Despite this, the average wage in the NHL is higher because there are fewer clubs and players in the league. NHL player Shea Weber, who plays for the Nashville Predators, earns an estimated $14 million a year.

2. Major League Baseball (MLB)

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$3.82 million per year is the average salary

Many people in both the United States and other countries across the world enjoy watching Major League Baseball (MLB). MLB players made an average salary of $3.82 million in 2014. Players in the Major League Baseball (MLB) can earn additional money through sponsorship and endorsement deals.

Throughout the last thirteen years, Major League Baseball has seen an increase in revenue, and this has been mirrored in the salaries of its players as well. In the near future, Baseball could challenge for the title of the world’s most lucrative sport.

1. Basketball

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Salary: $4.9 million on average

Basketball is the most lucrative sport in the world, and it’s not hard to see why. Basketball players in the NBA make more money through endorsements and partnerships than in any other sport, in addition to the millions they take home each year in pay.

When looking at the highest-paid athletes in sports, it’s easy to see that basketball is well-represented, with an average yearly salary of $4.9 million. Athletes like Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers, who earned nearly $30 million in the 2013/14 season, can earn even more.

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Other Notable Highly-Paid Sports

You might be shocked to learn that not all of the world’s most lucrative sports are featured in our list of the top five. A few examples are mixed martial arts (MMA), golf, and tennis. This is because we’ve taken a look at the average salary. Floyd Mayweather, a boxer, was the highest-paid athlete in 2014, earning over $100 million in earnings.

It is not uncommon for boxing world champions to make millions of dollars per year. However, unlike many other sports, the money in boxing is only amazing when you reach the top of the sport. The sport’s average income isn’t all that high because regular professionals often make relatively low wages.

The number of players in professional sports leagues like the NBA and MLB is lower than in other leagues, hence the average compensation is higher.