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The Meaning of December 3rd, Tiktok? Explained: The Tending!

The Meaning of December 3rd, Tiktok? Explained: The Tending!

TikTok fans have a fixation on December 3; the date has returned in 2021, but what does it represent this time? See if you can help me figure out what makes today so wonderful.

TikTok members are notoriously private, so when the platform suddenly becomes overrun with videos about a given date, it can be difficult to decipher what’s going on.

Several films last year went popular on the web, leaving app users scratching their heads. Users were really coining the day as a day for manifestation, which is why it got viral on the app.

The latest date that everyone seems to be fixated on is December 3rd. So, how is today shaping up? Hmm, let’s find out.

Tell Me, What Does December 3 Mean on Tiktok?

Recent users of TikTok may have noticed an influx of videos featuring references to December 3 on their For You tab. People on TikTok appear to be obsessed with the date, but what’s so unique about it?

Well, it all ties in with the song “Heather” by Conan Gray, which can be heard in the backdrop of all the videos posted on December 3.

The song has been trending for some time on TikTok, and the name “Heather” is currently being used frequently on the platform. If you’re referred to as a ‘Heather’, it signifies that you’re the gorgeous, popular girl who is usually the ‘main character’ in a movie.

The song’s first lyric, “I still remember, third of December,” is often regarded as the genesis of the December 3 phenomenon. You told me I looked better in your sweater than you did, the song continues.

It’s about a person who develops a crush on December 3 and spends the day pining away for them, and now everyone on TikTok is discussing their own December 3 romantic awakening.

On December 3rd, TikTok users will be crossing their fingers that their crush would give them a sweater, just as in the song. Don’t worry if you haven’t discovered “the one” by 2021; it may happen today.

Some people are just sobbing on TikTok in their own sweaters, wishing their crush would ask them out.

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Opinions on Twitter

In order to announce whether or not they have received a sweater, many TikTok members have turned to other social media sites like Twitter.

Will this be the year that you finally give in to love on December 3? Whatever happens, everything will play out in due time.

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