WhatsApp Plus: What It is and How It Differs from WhatsApp

When do you want to chat with someone, what applications spring to mind? Not Whatsapp, is it? It’s true that WhatsApp is the most popular messaging program. It is used by millions of individuals to connect with their loved ones all across the world. Even our grandparents are familiar with Whatsapp. There are currently additional options available, such as Whatsapp Plus, which offers more desirable features.

Each updated version has certain advantages as well as disadvantages. Because of Whatsapp’s current level of popularity, many individuals have questioned if using Whatsapp Plus is secure. Here, we’ll go over the qualities, benefits, and drawbacks of Whatsapp Plus to help you choose the right response.

A customized version of WhatsApp for Android called WhatsApp Plus was created in 2012 by the Spanish developer Rafalete. Despite being free software, WhatsApp’s user license applies. It also goes by the name WhatsApp Plus and features a blue icon. A new version, weighing in at 52.3 MB, has been made available.

What is WhatsApp Plus?

The Android app WhatsApp Plus expands the features of the standard WhatsApp app. It gives you a lot of flexibility to change how you interact with things, such as adding different fonts or themes.

There are negative aspects, though. For starters, it isn’t an official app. There is no way to get it from the Google Play Store. The APK file must be manually downloaded and installed. You must thus be certain that you obtained it from a reliable source; otherwise, it might steal your information or damage your phone.

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Features of WhatsApp Plus:

whatsapp plus

The following list of new features included in this app can help customers enjoy better messaging experiences:


To change the look and feel of your WhatsApp discussion window, you may adjust the themes in the WhatsApp Plus app. Fonts, colors, and background pictures may all be changed to suit your tastes! The Google Play Store offers more WhatsApp Plus themes as well.

Low Data Usage

Whatsapp Plus helps you conserve a lot of bandwidth by increasing the maximum number of attachments per message thread in group discussions (up to 50MB). It differs from the standard WhatsApp Messenger by having an outstanding design and attractive backgrounds.

Swiping Left Or Right Enables You To Delete Messages Permanently With WhatsApp+, you may easily delete a message that has already been delivered by just swiping left or right. Users may now more easily fix their errors thanks to this functionality!

Hide Last Seen For Particular Contacts

Users of the WhatsApp Plus app may now choose which contacts see their last seen status. It guarantees that nobody outside those persons knows when you were last spotted on WhatsApp Messaging! By hiding the last saw information for specific contacts, privacy is maintained.

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 Increased Privacy

WhatsApp Plus

Whatsapp Plus Apk offers a greater level of privacy and security because it doesn’t need authorization from the Google Play Store. Your application is therefore secure and shielded from eavesdropping by outside programs. It becomes significantly safer than WhatsApp’s official Messenger as a result!

Increase Send Limit For Group Chats

For customers who frequently send lengthy messages to their pals in a group chat, Rafalete developed this program. That violates WhatsApp’s rule that group chat messages can only be 256 characters long (too much and impractical). In order to make it simpler for them to convey lengthy messages, WhatsApp Plus users can increase the number of characters communicated in a group discussion from 100 to 500 or even more!

You may conceal your profile picture and status for select contacts.
For some contacts, you may also change your profile image and status so they can see it whenever they want. It is great for people who value their privacy!

Hide Your Last Seen Status

With the help of a feature available in Whatsapp Plus, you may hide the last saw status for each individual contact. It indicates that you can conceal your past seen status from someone if you don’t like their stalking tactics. Thus, you may stop them from being aware of your online status!

Pros of Whatsapp Plus

whatsapp plus

Look at the list below to see what features Whatsapp Plus offers.

The app has a variety of themes that are not available in older versions of Whatsapp.

  1. It provides you with a plethora of different emojis and emoticons to let you express yourself more fully.
  2. You can hide your last seen if you don’t want it to be visible.
  3. You can send larger files with this app. It allows you to transfer files of up to 50 megabytes.
  4. You may customize the chat picture, pop-up notification, and launcher icon color.

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Cons of Whatsapp Plus

Certain drawbacks indicate that you should not use this. Consider your options thoroughly before making a decision.

  1. One of the most prominent disadvantages of this software is that it does not appear on the Google Play Store and has no prospect of appearing there. The company’s official website has a link to download it.
  2. It’s third-party software, and these programs may infect your privacy policy with the virus.
  3. There is still some dispute regarding its creator, and the creator of the original WhatsApp has stated that they are unrelated to the creators of WhatsApp +.
  4. We can’t evaluate the legal app since everything is unclear.