When Adele Meets Her Idol Gabrielle, She Has a Fangirl Moment!

Adele, a British singer, was visibly moved upon meeting Gabrielle, best known for her work on the soundtrack to “Bridget Jones’s Diary.” According to Mirror.co.uk, the senior singer and UK chart-topper caused the ‘Rolling In The Deep’ singer to break down in tears.

She hastily rolled her hair and headed over to Gabrielle’s bathroom. The 53-year-old Gabrielle, whose breakthrough single “Dreams” from 1993 was a worldwide hit, opened for Adele at two sold-out summer shows in Hyde Park.

Gabrielle was quoted as saying, “It was incredible. She visited me in the locker room. She was supposed to have her hair and makeup done, but instead, she showed up in adorable rollers.

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What a wonderful way to brighten my day she has been.

When Adele Meets Her Idol Gabrielle, She Has a Fangirl Moment!

She blows my mind. As a result, she broke down in tears. She’s so incredible that she almost brought tears to my eyes.

Adele, now 34, was just five years old when the song “Dreams,” which features the lyric “dreams can come true,” was released, and the young girl from Tottenham, North London, who listened to the song every day, wanted to be just like the singer.

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Gabrielle remarked, “We were star struck around one other but I was more star struck” during the London charity event Jog-On to Cancer.

Gabrielle is preparing for her “30 Years of Dreaming Tour” in 2023, despite the fact that she has a drooping eyelid and must hide it with sunglasses, an eyepatch, or her hair whenever she goes out in public.

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When Adele Meets Her Idol Gabrielle, She Has a Fangirl Moment!

The website Mirror.co.uk claims that Adele performed Dreams on her Desert Island Discs episode. She remarked, “That is the first song I can recall hearing.

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I first heard the song when I was around five years old, and its uplifting message that “dreams may come true” has stuck with me ever since.

I’ll never forget how entranced I was by her—she was so innocent, so soft-spoken, and graceful in her movements.