Whenever Julia Fox Doesn’t Smoke Weed, She’s Overwhelmed by Her OCD Counting Habit!

Actress Julia Fox of ‘Uncut Gems’ has said it’s been “extremely challenging” “career-wise, despite having OCD and ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, she is able to function.

Fox made a TikTok video just after getting out of the shower to respond to a fan who had asked her to make a video about “navigating” her work despite being “neurodivergent.”

“It’s been incredibly challenging. Sometimes I’ll go through stretches where I’m super productive and feel like I can conquer anything.
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” And then there are times when I feel so stuck in a place that I literally cannot f****g move.
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Julia Fox, his eyebrows bleached, continued: “Having ADHD is incredibly challenging, but it’s not something I’ve really really talked about.

Whenever Julia Fox Doesn't Smoke Weed, She's Overwhelmed by Her OCD Counting Habit!

Also, I’ve recently come to terms with the fact that I suffer from a little case of OCD: when I was younger, I would count the number of letters in words in my brain and become obsessed with ensuring that the total amounted to 10 “femalefirst.
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co.uk says so.

She elaborated on how marijuana helped her cope with her symptoms: “To sum up, cannabis can aid with anxiety associated with the obsessive-compulsive disorder but has no effect on the inefficiency of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This is too much, man.”

Fox has said that ending her relationship with Kanye West, 45, was “the finest thing that could’ve happened to me” and compared it to “pressing a reset button.”

Whenever Julia Fox Doesn't Smoke Weed, She's Overwhelmed by Her OCD Counting Habit!

There were “red lights” in their relationship, she told ES magazine, including “unresolved challenges” the artist was facing, and thus they broke up in February.