Where a Beginner Can Gain Gaming Experience and Knowledge Regarding World of Warcraft and The Dragonflight Update

World of Warcraft has stepped over its ten-year history and remains one of the most popular and recognizable MMO projects in the world.

The war model between the Horde and Alliance factions is known even to players who have never logged into Azeroth’s servers, so it’s not surprising that WoW online continues to grow, and with the release of a major update, old players began to return.

To join the new game world and the Dragonflight update, beginners need to understand the basic game mechanics, learn to understand the meta and adapt to it, be able to farm gold and materials, and most importantly, have a goal of becoming a famous player on the server.

What sites and services will help you master World of Warcraft Dragonflight?

  • Skycoach
  • WoWhead
  • WoW Fandom
Where a Beginner Can Gain Gaming Experience and Knowledge Regarding World of Warcraft and The Dragonflight Update


Skycoach is a site where gamers can get help from professional players to master most online projects. Here you can buy game gold, get boosting, coaching and carry raid services.


Gold is the main currency in World of Warcraft, thanks to which players make most of the exchanges among themselves. Gold is needed to buy weapons, armor, jewelry, and auxiliary potions and is never in sufficient quantities.

You can buy game gold in any quantity from professional Skycoach players with a guarantee of anonymity and security of the transaction from the game administration and the possibility of a refund in case of disputes.


A service during which you transfer your account and character to a professional Skycoach player to level up the game to level 60, or level 70. The status of the service is monitored on the site in real-time. VPN is used for account security, and Skycoach guarantees the safety of personal data. Upon completion of the service, it is recommended to change the password.


The service, during which a professional Skycoach player contacts you and teaches you the basic mechanics of World of Warcraft, helps you master the current meta and the principles of its formation, tells you about the profession system, farming, and passing raids, and teaches PVP

Raid Carry

Dungeons are one of the main sources of obtaining legendary equipment, and in order to get it, you need to form a group and destroy the boss and his retinue, where the number of people and the farming time depend on the difficulty level. Even one mistake can lead to failure.

Professional Skycoach players can take you into a group to ensure that you pass the raid, in which you will get all the rewards and experience.
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Where a Beginner Can Gain Gaming Experience and Knowledge Regarding World of Warcraft and The Dragonflight Update


WoWhead is a large database of guides and guides on all the mechanics, classes, professions, and skills that World of Warcraft players may encounter.

The guide is a step-by-step guide that methodically describes each step of character development, down to the smallest detail, equipment selection, farming tips, PVP techniques, and much more.

For example, you start as an attacking mage.
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On Wowhead, you will read about class dependence on mana and weak armor, but high magic damage, which few people can resist with a long cast.

The class can be fire, ice, and lasso.

You will be told about the farming technique – collecting monsters in groups and destroying them with massive attacks with a combination of fast movement and blink.

The mage levels quickly, but requires a good staff, or obra, to effectively kill monsters.

Weapons can be bought or crafted by leveling the Inscription or Jewelcrafting professions.

In PVP, the mage is one of the strongest classes for the attack, and weak in defense. If we are talking about a 1×1 battle, then it is important for the magician to procast and keep a distance from the enemy, otherwise, the magician dies as quickly as he kills the target and everything will be decided by chance and reaction speed.

In massive PVP, mages are carefully protected by tanks.

Their task is to keep daggers and warriors away from the magicians, and the attacking magicians themselves will destroy most of the targets along with the archers.

Where a Beginner Can Gain Gaming Experience and Knowledge Regarding World of Warcraft and The Dragonflight Update

WoW Fandom

WoW Fandom is a large database of information regarding the World of Warcraft, where all theoretical knowledge is described in great detail.

You can find information about items, weapons, equipment, and tools.

In the Dragonflight update, the developers added stats and tools to crafting professions, requiring craftsmen to create or purchase special equipment for themselves to enhance the effect of the profession.

But you can create several types of tools of different quality and complexity, so it is recommended to read all the information before starting work, or buying, in order to buy the right tools.

For example, Draconite Tools can be purchased from the marketplace as they are green and can be transferred before first use. You yourself can produce many of these tools and sell them to other artisans.

Blue quality items must be ordered through the crafting table from other masters on the dragon island, or crafted on your own, since such items cannot be transferred to other players and immediately become personalized from the moment they are created.

Read about the territories where you are going to farm. Find descriptions with maps to know where to find useful rocks to collect, flowers and herbs, and valuable animal habitats.

Each territory has its own key NPCs that can give valuable tasks and if you find a description, then you will have a complete list of quests, rewards, and total time to complete with tips for shortening the route.