The Most Surprising Details from Danny Masterson’s Rape Trial

Before being fired in 2017 amid sexual assault claims, Danny Masterson, renowned for his appearances in the sitcom “That ’70s Show” and the Netflix comedy “The Ranch,” was on trial in Los Angeles on charges that he raped three women at his house in the Hollywood Hills in the early 2000s.

Masterson, 46, had pleaded not guilty to three counts of rape by coercion. On Nov. 30, a judge declared a mistrial after a Los Angeles County Superior Court jury declared itself deadlocked on the allegations.

Prosecutors will “now examine our future steps as it relates to prosecuting this case,” according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. If convicted, Masterson could face 45 years to life in prison.

What Exactly Are the Allegations?

where is danny masterson now

Masterson raped a woman, named only as Jen B., in April 2003 after she went to his house to pick up keys and he served her a red vodka cocktail, according to a trial brief filed by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

The short indicates that she felt “extremely bewildered” about 20 or 30 minutes later.

Masterson raped her after she recovered consciousness on his bed, according to the brief. According to the report, she tried to pull him off by his hair and pushed a pillow into his face. According to the complaint, when Masterson heard a man yelling in the house, he retrieved a gun from his nightstand and warned her not to move or “say anything,” adding expletives.

According to the trial brief, Masterson raped a second woman, Christina B., who had been in a relationship with him and had lived with him for six years.

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According to the statement, she awoke in November 2001 to Masterson “having sex with her” and ordered him to stop. “I fought back,” she stated in the document. “I tried pulling him off of me and telling him, ‘No, I don’t want sex with you.'” According to the complaint, she also grabbed his hair and he hit her.

According to the brief, she drank one or two glasses of wine with Masterson in December 2001 and woke up naked in her bed the next morning, feeling like it hurt to sit down or go to the bathroom. According to the paper, she walked downstairs and confronted Masterson, and he admitted to having sex with her while she was asleep.

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What does the church have to say?

where is danny masterson now

The church has categorically denied putting victims under pressure. It accused prosecutors of introducing Scientology into the trial and misrepresenting its teachings and beliefs “to arouse passion and prejudice in the ignorant,” according to an emailed statement on Oct. 21.

“The church does not dissuade anyone from reporting any suspected crime, nor does it advise anyone not to report any alleged criminal conduct,” the statement read.

“The church has no policy forbidding or discouraging members from reporting criminal conduct of Scientologists, or of anyone, to police enforcement. Quite the contrary. Church policy requires Scientologists to follow all local laws.”

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What Became of Danny Masterson?

where is danny masterson now

Danny will stand trial in August 2022 in his sexual assault case after posting bail and being hauled to prison in June 2020. Danny Masterson, as previously said, now resides in Hollywood Park, Texas.

In March 2017, four women alleged Danny had mistreated them since the early 2000s. A fifth lady purchased stated that the celebrity had assaulted her while they were dating.

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In 2022, Where Is Danny Masterson?

Danny was charged with three charges of rape in June 2020, after being suspected of sexually assaulting three women between 2001 and 2003. He has pleaded not guilty and is now out on $3.3 million bail; if convicted, he faces up to 45 years in prison. The case was scheduled to go to trial on August 29, but Danny’s counsel got a 6-week stay until October 11. Scroll down to learn more about Danny.