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Following the publication of his mistress’s police interview, Chris Watts’ senseless murder of his pregnant wife Shanann Watts, and their two daughters, Celeste and Bella, is once again making headlines. Before suffocating the children and placing their bodies in oil tanks, Watts murdered his wife and buried her in a shallow grave.

Watts’ goal was to begin a new life with Nichol Kessinger, his mistress. Nichol describes her relationship with Chris in the three-hour film that Shannan’s family made available. She claims that when she first started dating Chris, she believed Watts had divorced his wife.

Nichol Kessinger Changed His Name and Now Goes by A Different Name.

where is nichol kessinger now

Nichol Kessinger never gave the impression that he was involved in the killings. She may be considered a victim of Chris’ evilness in a manner. She sent Chris the following text after finding out about Shannan and the children’s disappearance: “If you did anything bad, you’re going to ruin your life and you’re going to ruin my life. I vouch for that.

After Chris’ arrest, Kessinger changed her identity and relocated while working with the authorities. Nichol was forced to live a more secret life because some people held her responsible for the killings.

According to some sources, Nichol is enrolled in the Witness Protection Program, which makes sense given that the program entails assuming a new name and moving. It’s unclear, though, if Nichol has access to witness protection.

Given that the case received widespread media coverage, Nichol has remarkably managed to remain anonymous. She is obviously asking to be left alone.

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Chris Watts allegedly thinks Nichol wrote to him while she was incarcerated under her new name. Watts confessed his affection for Kessinger to his letter pal Cherilyn Cadle. Based on the letters he exchanged with Chris, Cadle published the book Letters from Christopher.

David Carter, a fellow prisoner, confirmed Watts’ purported claim that Nichol wrote to him when he was incarcerated in March 2021. David Carter told The Daily Mail, “He told me she stated she needed to speak to him to clear up some things.” “He wouldn’t give me a specific account of what she said.”

According to Watts, after prison officials learned about the correspondence, they punished him by suspending his email and checking his mail. Carter said, “He wasn’t meant to have any contact with her, but she started it by writing to him.

According to what Chris allegedly told David, he killed his family in order to avoid paying child support and having a third kid. Carter thought that was a pitiful justification for murder. Carter remarked, “I don’t buy any of that, though.

“I could never destroy my entire family just because I didn’t want to have kids or pay child support,” the speaker said.

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Kessinger Wouldn’t Talk to Chris until His Family Arrived.

where is nichol kessinger now

Nichol Kessinger received a Bachelor of Science in Geology from Colorado State University. Later, she graduated from the Community College of Aurora with an Associate of Science degree.

After Kessinger’s company, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, hired Tasman Geosciences, the employer of Nichol, Kessinger met Chris. Nichol and Chris quickly fell in love, and Nichol thought Chris had split up with his wife and was trying to get a divorce.

A little over a month after he began dating Nichol, Chris murdered his family. Nichol admitted to the police that neither she nor Watts were aware that Shannan and Watts were expecting a third child. He had asked Nichol to look for a home for him and his daughters.

Nichol claimed to have discovered the truth after following the news coverage of Shannan and the children’s disappearance. In the recently made public video, Nichol admits to authorities that Kessinger thought Chris had committed a wrongdoing. Says Kessinger

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“What did you do, Chris? I continued asking him. How did you act? I had not left my head. I was under stress. I didn’t injure my family, Nicky, he retorted. The final text message was that. After that, I didn’t speak to him again.

Kessinger cut off contact with Chris and promised to help the police. The Denver Post quoted her as saying, “I eventually told him that I did not want to speak to him again until his family was discovered.” “I was going to do anything that I could,” the suspect said, “with a pregnant mother and two children missing.”

Nichol informed the authorities that Chris made no comments to indicate that he intended to harm his family. Nichol claimed that although he talked about his children, he never demonstrated hostility or aggression towards them. During the video, Nichol says:

It was nothing unusual or frightful, as the saying goes. Even now, after learning everything I know, I still reflect on that and don’t detect any red flags in the way he talked about his family.

Kessinger told The Denver Post, “I don’t think there is a rational explanation for what he did.
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It’s a pointless and horrific act.

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When Did Chris Watts and Nichol Kessinger First Meet? Their Quick Engagement

where is nichol kessinger now

As was previously noted, Kessinger met her future husband while they were both employed by Anadarko Petroleum. At the time, Kessinger was employed in the environmental division while Watts was an operator. She told the Denver Post that before starting work, she and the other operators would always wait in the break room. But Nichol avoided him at all costs.

The two were introduced there later in the middle of June 2018 when Watts himself visited her workplace space. Watts’ lack of a wedding band at the time, even though he was still legally wed to his ex-wife Shanann Cathryn Rzucek, made a good impression on Nichol.

They soon began regularly meeting in the office. After a while, Chris also revealed to her that he recently divorced his wife. He went on to say that he has two children with his ex-spouse.

They first encountered off-duty individuals in late June. Nichol also inquired at the time about the status of his divorce proceedings with his wife. Even though he was still technically married to his spouse at the time, he informed her that their divorce was virtually final and that they were only trying to resolve their financial differences.

By early July of that year, they had also begun to develop a close bond.
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Four or five times a week was when they used to meet. Chris called his fiancée in the latter part of July and said that the divorce was now complete.

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The Missing Reports for Chris Watt’s Daughters and Wife

Nickole Atkinson, a friend of Shanann Cathryn Rzucek, claimed on August 13, 2018, that Chris’ wife and girls were gone. Atkinson didn’t return her calls or texts, which worried her because of her missed obstetrics and gynecology appointment.

Atkinson rang the doorbell and knocked a few times when she arrived at Shannan’s house. She contacted Chris, who was at work, but when no one picked up, she informed Frederick Police Department. When Watts departed for work at 5:15 a.m. that day, he spotted his wife and daughter sleeping, according to Denver7. But they were gone when he came back.

Save additional investigation revealed that Shannan had left the residence empty-handed, leaving behind nothing but her phone, pocketbook, and automobile. Police were suspicious of Chris since his story did not make sense in light of this.

Nichol Was the One Who Made Contact with The Fbi and Police.

where is nichol kessinger now

After his family vanished on August 13, 2018, Chris texted his girlfriend to let her know. He explained to Nichol that his wife had left with their children for a play date and hadn’t returned. Kessinger was a little alarmed by his carefree remark but she let it go. The truth was revealed to everyone when reporters visited Chris Watt’s house later that evening.

When Nichol learned that her ex-boyfriend had lied to her about being divorced and that his wife Shannan was 15 weeks along, she broke up with him.

She made extensive phone calls and text messages that night in an effort to confront him and explain the circumstances around the absence.

Additionally, Nichol later said in a conversation with The Denver Post that Chris had shown no signs of worry about the absence. He continued to sidestep the queries and make an effort to divert the subject whenever she inquired about his missing family.