Where Is the Infamous Patrizia Reggiani Now?

The fact that Lady Gaga portrayed the Italian socialite-turned-murderer Patrizia Gucci in House of Gucci did not surprise her fans.

But now that the Ridley Scott-directed film has brought her crime back to light, people are once again curious about Patrizia and her current whereabouts.

Patrizia Gucci received a 29-year prison term in 1997 for killing her husband, Maurizio Gucci, who was the heir to the Gucci design empire.

What Has Become of Patrizia Reggiani?
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where is patrizia gucci now

Patricia attempted to get the verdict overturned despite having been found guilty of killing her ex-husband. She did this by saying that a brain tumor she had removed a few years earlier had made her more susceptible to crime.

Her conviction was upheld in 2000 by a Milan appeals court, but the sentence was shortened to 26 years. Soon later, Patrizia made an attempt on her life but lived.

She was freed from San Victoria Prison, commonly known as the Opera Prison, in 2014 after consenting to accept a job under a work-release program.

After serving an extra two years of parole in 2016 and maintaining good behavior, she was declared to be free. Patrizia is still alive and continues to discuss the crime that landed her in jail for more than 20 years.

Patrizia stated to The Guardian in 2016: “I think I am a very powerful person since I survived all these years in captivity.” I got a lot of rest. I looked after my plants. My beloved ferret, Bambi, was in my care.

It all feels like a bad dream to me, she continued.

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What Profession Does Patricia Reggiani Have?

where is patrizia gucci now

The Guardian claims that Patrizia is currently working for Milan-based costume jewelry company Bozart. She works as a design consultant, which sounds like a fairly simple job.

She is in charge of consulting the design team staff and reading fashion magazines.

She also revealed to the publication that although she lives in a townhouse in Milan, she doesn’t get along well with her two daughters.

When she was first detained, they were 18 and 14, respectively, and today both of them reside in Switzerland with their spouses.

Patrizia isn’t too fond of Lady Gaga’s portrayal of herself.

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where is patrizia gucci now

She claimed that Ansa said, “I find it offensive that Lady Gaga is playing me in the upcoming Ridley Scott movie without even making the effort to arrange a meeting. It has nothing to do with money as I won’t be receiving any proceeds from the movie. Respect and good sense are key.”

ITV News quoted Lady Gaga as saying, “I don’t want to conspire with Patrizia Gucci,” in response to Patrizia’s accusation. She wants to portray herself as a notorious killer and someone who counseled Gucci, in my opinion. I believe she regrets her actions greatly and that what she did was terrible. Patrizia concurred, too.

She said, “Maurizio is the person who has mattered most to me throughout my life. If I could see him again, I would tell him that I love him. “I believe he would say the feelings weren’t shared,”

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Maurizio Gucci’s ex-wife Patrizia Reggiani Gucci hired a hitman to assassinate him. The tabloids dubbed her “The Black Widow” when her husband was killed. Patrizia sought to reduce her alimony from $1.65 million to 0,000 per year by managing the Gucci estate and preventing Maurizio from wedding Paola Franchi.
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Bozart is now home to Patrizia. The term “design consultant” may seem uncomplicated. She counsels designers and keeps an eye on trends. Despite owning a townhouse in Milan, her daughters are estranged from her.