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An explosive new documentary on HBO called What Happened, Brittany Murphy? brings the tragic circumstances surrounding her untimely death back into the public eye. The author explains that Brittany’s husband, Simon Monjack, controlled virtually every aspect of her life. Brittany’s catastrophic weight loss and suspected drug misuse are both his faults.

Brittany’s mom, Sharon Murphy, saw her crying on the bathroom floor and dialed 911.

After extensive medical testing, Brittany’s death was officially confirmed by the hospital staff. The actress died from complications related to severe pneumonia, anemia, and drug abuse, according to the coroner’s report. Fans, however, have long speculated that Sharon was responsible for her daughter’s untimely demise.

Following the airing of the HBO documentary, the accusations have grown more strident. Now, let’s take a look at Sharon Murphy.

What is Sharon Murphy’s deal?

where is sharon murphy now

Brittany Murphy was born in November 1977 to Sharon Murphy and Angelo Bertolotti. Sharon’s parents, Angelo and Sharon, split up soon after she was born. Sharon did most of the work in New Jersey raising her kid.

They uprooted and headed west to Los Angeles, where Brittany could study acting at the prestigious Actors Studio. Sharon reflected upon their closeness and recollected how they supported and encouraged one another. Brittany helped her through both of her cancer diagnoses.

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Sharon Sold Her Daughter’s Mansion and Now Leads a Reclusive Existence.

where is sharon murphy now

Family members of Brittany’s had hardly recovered from the tragedy of her passing when they began fighting over her wealth. Brittany cut her spouse out of her will and gave her whole assets to her sister Sharon. Brittany explained that she was married to Simon Monjack but had left him out of the will on purpose.

Despite Brittany’s efforts to cut off Monjack’s access to her cash, Monjack withdrew approximately 80% of her money. Murph’s ex-manager, Jeffrey Morgenroth, told People,

There was a substantial sum of money in [Brittany’s] retirement fund and checking account, but now it has vanished. The bank statements would show it to me. There were hundreds of thousands of dollars being removed from an account that Simon owned.

Jeffrey went on to detail Simon’s iron hold over Brittany’s money matters. He recounted an instance in which Simon allegedly prevented Brittany from signing a tax form because she was refused access to her:

Simon grabbed [the paperwork] from me. She stated that her hair was a disaster as an explanation. I was saying goodbye to a friend as I walked out the front door when Brittany called down from the second floor to say, “Hi Jeff, sorry I couldn’t see you, bye.
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” Something about it sounded off and strange.

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where is sharon murphy now

Linda, Monjack’s mother, said she was entitled to a piece of Brittany’s estate as well. According to People, Jeffrey’s secretary Jeannette Boycott revealed that, following Monjack’s death, Linda demanded that Brittany’s ex-widow, husband Sharon Murphy, vacate their property in the Hollywood Hills.

In May of 2010, Simon passed unexpectedly amid hauntingly identical circumstances to Brittany’s death. According to Jeffrey, Sharon was baffled as to how Simon had withdrawn such significant sums of money from Brittany’s accounts. “She was looking over the pension statement, and I said, ‘Look, There are nearly no zeros there,'” Morgenroth remarked.

Attempting to obtain funds, Sharon sold jewelry that Simon had purchased for Brittany, only to discover that it was all phony and of little use. It was necessary for her to sell Brittany’s mansion, which she did in 2011 for .
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7 million.

After the sale, Brittany’s mother lived a reclusive existence in the wake of her daughter’s and husband’s deaths.

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Sharon’s husband claimed that Sharon was murdered, but Sharon denied this.

where is sharon murphy now

Brittany was born to Sharon Murphy and Angelo Bertolotti in November 1977. Angelo abandoned Sharon and Brittany when she was only two years old.

I suspect Angelo’s criminal background is why Sharon discouraged Brittany from getting in touch with him. Angelo, a reputed mobster, served time for racketeering, opportunistic crime, and counterfeiting.

Angelo said Brittany’s murder was suspicious and requested an investigation into the incident in 2012. Angelo has stated, “I will not rest until the investigation into my daughter’s tragic death is completed.”

Sharon came out of hiding to respond to Bertolotti’s charges in a letter to The Hollywood Reporter. As she put it, Angelo’s testimony was “flimsy” and “more of an insult as an insight into what truly transpired.”

Angelo’s absence was criticized by Sharon, who claimed he just showed up sporadically to reap financial benefits from Brittany’s achievements while she was abroad. Sharon claimed he “never, ever” was there in her letters. According to Murphy, the scientific community has rejected the hair analysis that supported Angelo’s allegations. In her letter, she said:

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A hair sample can be altered by several external factors, including hair spray, prescription medications, diets, smoking the occasional cigarette, and environmental conditions, all of which are conveniently ignored in this report.

Even though Murphy claims she doesn’t know what ultimately killed Brittany, she has faith in the coroner’s efforts to determine the cause of death. Also, she said

In the end, we will never know for sure. The Los Angeles County Coroner conducted exhaustive autopsy procedures, and the results confirmed that her death was due to natural causes. She has become a true heavenly angel.”

On the Evening of Brittany’s Death, Sharon Made a 911 Call.

where is sharon murphy now

Sharon discovered Brittany on the bathtub floor of her Hollywood Hills home on December 20, 2009, and immediately called 911. Sharon said to the operator, “My daughter’s passed out,” as reported by ABC News. “Her hands have turned a bluish color from the cold… The other two people with me also share my belief that she is deceased.” The hospital later confirmed Brittany’s death.

When Sharon’s son-in-law, Monjack, died in May of 2010, she was the one who dialed 911.

There Was Talk that Sharon and Simon Were Having an Affair.

There were reports that Sharon and Monjack were dating after Brittany’s death. This was based largely on a TMZ claim that they shared a bed, as the documentary investigates. Sharon, however, rejected these claims in 2010 and called them “disgusting” in an interview with People. Adding that any inference that she and Monjack were anything more than “close friends and family” was “terrible and ludicrous,” she reaffirmed their platonic status.

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In Other Words, Sharon Has Not yet Died.

In “What Happened, Brittany Murphy?” Sharon is one character who does not tell the truth. Sharon declined an interview despite Monjack’s mother Linda’s participation in the documentary series.

She has been keeping to herself and avoiding the spotlight. Sharon had the same tragedy as Brittany Murphy, losing her ability to have children and being emotionally distraught as a result.