Where Is Tammy Slaton Now? Check Her Weight Loss Updates !

My 600-lb Life, a TLC program that debuted in 2012, has become so well-liked that its followers are eager to learn everything they can about how it was created. With that in mind, it is very understandable why TLC chose to create 1000-lb Sisters. In reality, the title characters of 1000-lb Sisters are a pair of siblings who must undertake a similar weight loss journey to the ones depicted in My 600-lb Life.

It goes without saying that a person’s effort to lose weight won’t be at all simple just because they receive assistance. Unfortunately, it has been obvious that Tammy Slaton’s weight loss quest would be challenging ever since 1000-lb Sisters first aired.

Fans frequently wonder about Tammy due to the lengthy gaps between seasons of that program and the fact that cameras only follow her for a portion of the year.

Tammy Slaton Was Compelled to Flee Her House.

where is tammy slaton now

Amy and Tammy were living next to one another in a duplex when TLC fans first met the Slaton sisters from 1000-lb Sisters. Amy could then assist Tammy in her day-to-day activities. Although it was obvious that Amy spent a lot of time caring for her sister, she was unable to prevent herself from living her own life.

Fans of the 1000-lb Sisters are already aware of how Amy Slaton’s life has changed significantly in recent years. Amy, who is already a contentedly married lady and a mother, likewise has big weight loss goals despite the fact that her body has already undergone significant alteration.

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Amy moved out of her side of the Slaton sisters’ duplex because she needed to locate a place of her own in light of all those changes in her life.

Unfortunately, Tammy Slaton has also left the duplex when it comes to the topic of where she is right now physically—but for unsettling reasons.

TLC paid for the Slaton sisters to receive medical assistance when it started producing 1000-lb Sisters. Sadly, it didn’t take long for it to seem that Tammy wasn’t making the most of the assistance she was given. After that, when Tammy appeared in pictures with a trachea tube in recent months, supporters started to worry even more about her.

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where is tammy slaton now

Fans of the 1000-lb Sisters were correct to be concerned about Tammy Slaton, it turned out. After Tammy’s lungs failed and she fell into a coma, she was forced to check into a rehab facility.

Even worse, according to Amy Slaton, Tammy lost her home because TLC didn’t cover the cost of her rehab stay, which prevented her from paying her rent.

Of course, it is fairly logical that TLC stopped supporting Tammy Slaton’s efforts to lose weight given that she previously declined the help that was provided to her.

However, it seems like they should cover the costs if the network continues to create episodes of 1000-lb Sisters and Tammy stays in the rehab facility for an extended period of time. After all, it would be unfair for Tammy to lose all of her money as a result of TLC making money off of a show about her weight reduction quest.

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Tammy Slaton Has Been Shedding Pounds and Courting Disputation

where is tammy slaton now

It has been evident that Tammy Slaton’s heavy weight had a significant negative impact on her health since the TLC cameras first started documenting her life.

Tammy was still able to live her life as she did at the time, despite the fact that. Things started to change for Tammy, though, when she ended up in a coma with collapsed lungs and was made to live in a recovery center.

Tammy’s body has started to alter, regardless of whether her health concern served as the wake-up call she required or if residing in a rehab facility has made her feel compelled to modify her lifestyle.

In fact, Tammy had already lost 115 pounds at that moment, as her brother Chris disclosed in the 1000-lb Sisters’ third season finale. Tammy appears to have kept losing weight in recovery based on how she appears in her most recent Instagram images.

Despite the fact that her health appears to be improving, Tammy Slaton has recently managed to enrage a lot of her followers. The reason for that is that Tammy essentially pulled a Livestream no-show after she advertised a video appearance to promote a sticker brand, squandering the time of her most ardent admirers.

Given that Tammy’s own TikTok channel was previously blocked for soliciting viewers to buy illegal goods, she has given her supporters plenty of reasons to be irate.

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Slaton, Tammy See Her Startling Weight Loss Now and Then!

where is tammy slaton now

Right away, let’s be clear: Tammy Slaton still has a long way to go. The 1000-pound Sisters star is still in rehab and is still trying to lose weight, therefore she has not yet undergone gastric bypass surgery.

However, let’s not forget that Slaton has come a VERY LONG way. Tammy was well over 600 pounds when we first met her, as you can see in the picture up there.

When Tammy’s brother, Chris, disclosed his sister was sent to the hospital because she couldn’t breathe one day after entering a food addiction rehab during the season 3 finale, she got into serious problems last year.

The TLC celebrity was put into a medically induced coma and put on a ventilator. Absolutely terrifying material.

The family is “facing making funeral plans for Tammy,” Tammy’s sister Amanda stated. “They’re basically telling us that her lungs have given up, and like, her body is going down.” It really was that horrible.

The reality TV personality received a tracheotomy after she awoke, meaning a breathing tube was placed in her throat.

Tammy spent three weeks in the hospital, but thankfully she was able to go back to therapy. This new development also had a bright side.

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During the aforementioned finale, he informed the cameras: “She’s shed 100 [pounds] — I believe she told me 115 pounds in total — in 30 days.” He continued:

I’m ecstatic that she’s prepared to board the train and begin traveling down the tracks. After this medical issue, Tammy later informed her followers on TikTok in February 2022 that she was still living there.

She intends to remain at the Ohio treatment center until the summer. Then what? Season 4 of 1000-lb Sisters appears to be coming soon.

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There are many people supporting her now.

Inform me about your weight loss progress! Girl, you look so much better. I’m so happy to see that you feel and look better.

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Keep up the good work,” one user advised on TikTok.

Another was added: “Remain inspired! You’ve got this. Another leaped in next as follows: “Tammy, you are looking fantastic. Girl, I’m very proud of you!

Following Weight-Loss Surgery, Amy Slaton

where is tammy slaton now

There was no denying that Amy, the 1000-Lb Sisters star, had lost some weight a few months following her surgery. Amy’s face grew thinner, displaying deep brown eyes and high cheekbones, and viewers could see her smiling more.

Amy expressed her satisfaction with her development during the second season, noting that she had gone from a size 5-XL bathing suit to an XL bikini. Amy stopped trying to conceal her insecurities behind her hair and started wearing it down more often.

Amy Slaton’s Current Appearance

Amy continues to put in a lot of effort to maintain her new physique and thinner face. Nevertheless, she made the decision to have children despite the physicians’ wishes for her surgery to be settled. Fans of the 1000-Lb Sisters can now clearly observe Amy’s features because her face is now smaller than ever.

Amy can now move her head around with ease and has also shed her double chins. The two-time mother and reality TV personality is still improving herself and wants to weigh 150 pounds when her quest is over.


The 36-year-old 1000-Lb. Sisters actress wed her husband Caleb Willingham on Saturday at Gibsonburg, Ohio’s Windsor Lane Rehabilitation Center, PEOPLE can exclusively reveal.

Previously known as Tammy Slaton, Tammy now introduces herself as Mrs.

Tammy Willingham. “I’m now married!”