Where Was Witcher: Blood Origin Shot? All Breathtaking Landscapes Explored

The Witcher: Blood Origin takes place on a so-called ‘continent’, where the action unfolds against the picturesque backdrop of real-life movie locations and studio soundstages.

Since the events of Blood Origin take place 1200 years before The Witcher’s, the show will have many new characters in the mix, including Michelle Yeoh’s Scian, Sophia Brown’s Éile, Laurence O’Fuarain Fjall, and Jacob Collins-Levy’s Eredin.

In addition to the new characters, The Witcher: Blood Origin will see his Jaskier, played by Joey Batey, return from the parent series. Unlike The Witcher, Blood Origin is primarily an original story inspired solely by Andrzej Sapkowski’s worldbuilding.

As confirmed by writer/producer Declan De Barra, Blood Origin depicts the elven world before the spheres united and how their society rose to power before the cataclysm.

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Imagine The tale of The Witcher, Blood Origin prequel focuses primarily on the adventures of seven elven misfits who band together to challenge it with mighty power. Blood Origin uses glittering real-world locations and soundstages as backdrops, meticulously designed to match the show’s stunning setting.

Where is Netflix’s The Witcher Blood Origin Filmed?

Nautosagil Waterfall in South Iceland is one of his one of the first Nordic film locations where The Witcher: Blood Origins was filmed. Shortly thereafter, production of Netflix’s fantasy drama moved to a Viking village near Mount Vestrahorn.

The village was reportedly founded (via Redanian Intelligence) in 2010 to film a failed Icelandic film project. After being a tourist attraction for many years, the village’s scenic landscaping and Nordic design were used in the filming of The Witcher: Blood Origins.

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Ilkley Moor`s Cow & Calf, a well-known large rock formation, became some other number one place for The Witcher: Blood Origin’s filming.

Further down south from the equal place, the forged and team of the Netflix collection had been additionally noticed close to the Frensham Little Pond.

IIkley’s District Councillor Kyle Green additionally expressed his excitement (through Telegraph & Argus) surrounding Blood Origin’s filming in Bradford with the aid of using saying, “The delusion detail of Blood Origin is especially exciting given the legend of Rombald the large and his function in developing the Cow and Calf on Ilkley Moor and I might be trying to see if any reference is made to this withinside the new collection.

David Wilson, Director of Bradford City of Film, expressed comparable feelings with the aid of using highlighting how The Witcher: Blood Origin’s manufacturing supplied paid possibilities to college students and graduates from the University of Bradford.

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He similarly delivered that the Netflix display might additionally deliver Ilkley and different regions of Yorkshire a few richly deserved advantageous publicity and inspire audiences to examine greater approximately the splendid locations.

A Netizen additionally confirmed (through Twitter) that they noticed humans in “medieval-ish armour” in IIkley in which The Witcher: Blood Origin became being shot below the guise of an “1800s length drama known as The Lark.”