Which Dutton is in Africa in 1923? Find Out More

When Spencer Dutton first appeared in 1923, he was hunting lions in Africa. Spencer was the youngest of James and Margaret’s children, born after the events of 1883.

The rest of Dutton are now working on a family ranch in Montana, so why is Spencer on the other side of the world?

1883 tells the story of Dutton’s perilous journey west into the 19th century in search of a better life. James and his wife Margaret bravely set out with their children Elsa and John, but their daughter did not survive.

Yellowstone season 4 introduced John’s younger brother, Spencer Dutton, who was born after the family arrived in Montana.

Brandon Sklenar as Spencer Dutton in 1923. Spencer hunts with his companions in Africa.

In 1893, while Margaret, John and Spencer were waiting at home, James set out to confront a group of horse thieves. During the battle, James received a gunshot wound, and in 1923 he was confirmed fatal.

1923 was decades ahead. John Dutton and Spencer Dutton have grown up to carry on their father’s legacy.

John, now 45, works on a ranch, has a wife named Emma, ​​and a son named Jack. Spencer is estimated to be in his mid to late thirties.

When Spencer first introduced Dutton in his 1923, he was living in Africa chasing wild lions. Spencer shoots the creature and he and his partner carry it through the grass.

In 1923, big game hunting was legalized in Africa. Spencer works as a hired hunter, killing predators that plague human settlements and camps.

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Spencer later suffers a nightmare during World War I. Although he has become proficient with firearms through his service, he clearly has trouble coping with trauma that others in his family do not understand, leading him to live a nomadic life in Africa.

I started sending When the United States entered World War I in his 1917, Jacob and John would have been too old to be drafted, and Jack probably too young. Unfortunately for Spencer, he seems to be in the age group to join the fight.

Does Spencer die in the ‘1923’ premiere?

Later in the 1923 premiere, Spencer arrived at a European camp in Africa. This time the leopard is troubling the small group. He and his team plan to use himself as live bait to kill the creature, but they run into trouble.

In the attack he actually has two leopards. One of the leopards kills an Englishwoman at the camp, and the episode ends with the other creatures rushing after Spencer.

Fans will have to wait for Episode 2 in 1923 to see if Spencer survived the attack. At the beginning of the premiere, Elsa Dutton’s narration indicates that only one of James and Margaret’s children will survive to see the child grow up, and this is Spencer dying.

However, the official 1923 trailer does appear to feature Spencer in future scenes in the series.

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