Where Did Liam Hems Worth’s Cheating on Miley Cyrus Rumors Come From?

Since Miley Cyrus’ new single “Flowers” was released, observant fans have been looking for hints that the song and music video is about her ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth.

Cyrus and Hemsworth originally met in 2010 and dated intermittently for the rest of the decade. The couple eventually married in 2018 but announced their divorce a year later in 2019.

However, information regarding their relationship has begun to resurface with the release of Cyrus’ track “Flowers” on Hemsworth’s birthday.

While the song itself has numerous indications about Cyrus and Hemsworth’s relationship, the music video also contains a few easter eggs, including a sequence shot in a residence that may be related to Hemsworth’s adultery claims.

Did Liam Hemsworth Cheat on Miley Cyrus?

who cheated on miley cyrus

Although Liam and Miley’s relationship did not end well, there have been no documented instances of the actor straying on the singer. Following the release of “Flowers,” a rumor began to circulate on Twitter. It implied that the location where the song’s music video was shot was the same house where Liam cheated on Miley with a dozen different women.

“Miley Cyrus filmed the music video for ‘Flowers’ in the same house where Liam used to cheat on her… All hail Miley Cyrus. As if I didn’t already adore ‘Flowers’ for the ‘When I Was Your Man’ allusions, “tweeted one Twitter follower.

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“Please allow me to clarify. Miley sampled Bruno Mars’s ‘When I Was Your Man,’ a song dedicated to her by Liam, created counter lyrics, released the song on Liam’s birthday, and shot the video in the house where he cheated on her. That is brilliant “Another person added voice.

Many fans participated, with some tweets receiving tens of thousands of likes and millions of impressions. However, at the time of writing, there is no verified means to corroborate this. Neither Liam nor Miley have spoken out about the house or the supposed scenario with “Flowers,” and it appears that the notion is being spread primarily through social media.

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Miley was accused of cheating on Liam in the past

who cheated on miley cyrus

Although there have been no confirmed instances of Liam cheating on Miley, the “Wrecking Ball” singer has previously refuted claims that she strayed from her ex-husband. Miley shared an emotional series of tweets with fans in 2019: “I can accept a lot of things, but I refuse to admit that my marriage ended due to infidelity.

Liam and I have been dating for ten years. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love Liam and will always love him.” Despite putting the adultery accusations to bed with that post, Miley admitted that her relationship with the actor was finished.

“BUT, at this time, I needed to make a good decision for myself and leave a prior existence behind. I am in the best physical and mental condition I have been in for a long time. You can call me a twerking, marijuana-smoking, foul-mouthed redneck, but I’m not a liar. I am pleased to report that I am simply in a different place than when I was younger “At the time, she tweeted.

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Where Did Those Rumors of Liam Hemsworth Cheating on Miley Cyrus Come From?

who cheated on miley cyrus

So, on her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth’s birthday, Miley Cyrus released “Flowers,” a breakup song and music video. Yes, it’s entertainingly shady—but now social media is rife with claims that Hemsworth cheated on Cyrus with 14 different women in the same house where the video was shot.

What are you talking about? Where did these curiously particular rumors originate, and why are they now unavoidable on TikTok and Twitter? This story, to the best of my knowledge, began with a January 13 tweet from pop-culture observer Pop Tingz, which stated, “The house where the music video for Miley Cyrus’

‘Flowers’ was recorded was previously used by Liam Hemsworth to cheat on Miley with more than 14 women while they were married.” Pop Tingz’s viral tweet has 48.4k likes and a comment from Julia Fox as of this writing. Despite this, No reliable news outlets have confirmed the claim.

However, the story has taken on a life of its own. Another persistent—but unsubstantiated—rumor is that Hemsworth dedicated Bruno Mars’s “When I Was Your Man” to Cyrus at their wedding, and that the words of “Flowers” are an homage to Mars’ lyrics.

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who cheated on miley cyrus

Meanwhile, Tik Tok Users Have Begun Searching the “flowers” Video for More Embarrassing Easter Eggs. One Author Theorized that The Gold Evening Gown Cyrus Wears in The Video Is a Tribute to The Gold Gown Jennifer Lawrence Wore to The Hunger Games Premiere, Implying that Hemsworth Reconnected with His Former Costar.

(Lawrence has already stated that she kissed Hemsworth off-screen, but anything further is unconfirmed.)  Another popular TikTok theory: Cyrus appears in the song wearing the “same suit” Hemsworth wore to the Avengers premiere, where he supposedly instructed her to “behave” during an awkward red-carpet moment.

While a video exists of Hemsworth whispering something to Cyrus at the event, only the two of them know what was spoken. Another creator claims that Cyrus performs Hemsworth’s training routine in the video, but there’s nothing on the record to back this up.

The issue is that this rumor deluge has become difficult to differentiate fact from fantasy. Other social media users have pointed out that Miley Cyrus herself has stated that adultery was not the reason for her and Hemsworth’s divorce. “I’m willing to accept a lot of things, but I refuse to admit that my marriage ended due to adultery,” she tweeted in 2019.