Who Gets Sent Home from Brightcliffe Hospice After Being Incorrectly Diagnosed? (Spoilers for “The Midnight Club”)

You should watch the mystery horror series The Midnight Club, which is now available to stream on Netflix. The Midnight Club is a name well-known to readers of Christopher Pike’s bestselling mystery novels. Inspired by Pike’s 1994 novel of the same name, the show follows a group of eight terminally ill hospice patients as they gather every night at midnight to share terrifying tales.

One night, the patients make a pact: whoever dies first from their illness will be the one to make contact with the others from beyond the grave to prove the existence of an afterlife.

Each of the first season’s patients at Brightcliffe—llonka, Kevin, Anya, Natsuki, Amesh, Cheri, Sandra, and Spencer—makes an effort to improve their circumstances. And yet, they still have their doubts and pessimistic moments.

When one of their own dies from their disease, the group’s attitude toward their diagnoses hits rock bottom. But one of the patients gets some encouraging health news and is discharged. Who’s there? In the following, we’ll address this.

Who Gets Sent Home from Brightcliffe Hospice After Being Incorrectly Diagnosed? (Spoilers for "The Midnight Club")

As seen on “The Midnight Club,” which patients are incorrectly diagnosed and sent home from Brightcliffe Hospice?

At the end of Season 7, Episode 7, Dr. Stanton is on the phone with an unknown person discussing Anya’s death and a call she received from two other doctors about one of her patients. Lonka, meanwhile, is lurking in the halls and eavesdropping.

While speaking with her patient, Dr. Stanton mentions that recent lab results suggest that their condition is not necessarily terminal. However, the identity of the patient is not revealed until the ninth episode.

Episode 8 begins with llonka meeting with Dr. Stanton, who she overhears discussing their previous evening’s phone conversation. In the course of their conversation, llonka asks Dr. Stanton if she is the one recovering from her illness, to which the latter responds in the negative. Who then might it be?

At the outset of Episode 9, we see Dr. Stanton chatting with a patient in her office; however, we don’t learn who it is right away. Lab results are in, and Dr. Stanton informs the patient that while there are still polyps and lesions in the small intestine, there are significantly fewer now than there were when they first arrived at Brightcliffe.

What this means is that the terminal prognosis was wrong and the patient is actually recovering. The identity of the patient is eventually revealed to be Sandra. Lymphoma was something Sandra experienced, as you may recall. When Dr. Stanton breaks the good news to her, she can hardly believe it.

Sandra eventually shares Dr. Stanton’s advice with the rest of the Brightcliffe patients. She explains that her initial diagnosis was incorrect and that her grandparents will be picking her up the following day. She also mentions another gastrointestinal disorder, which is not thought to be fatal.

Sandra’s parents and grandparents arrive at Brightcliffe the following morning to pick her up. Sandra leaves Brightcliffe after saying her goodbyes tearfully.