Who Is Adam Collard Dating- Adam Collard and Zara Mc Dermott Dated for How Long?

In 2022, Adam Collard is currently dating who? I’m sure we’re all wondering the same thing. These days, Adam Collard is in the news due to the revelation that he would return to Love Island for the following season after a four-year absence.

His fans are going crazy for him now that he’s returning to the big screen. In 2018, the gym owner attracted notice on the reality dating program Love Island. He is credited for becoming the first participant in that season to strip naked.

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His performance attracted notice, and as time went on, everyone came to love him for his physique.

A Look at Love Island’s Star’s Dating Life: Who Is Adam Collard Dating?

When he participated in Love Island, Adam Collard discovered love. At first, he was paired with Kendall. Well, Kendall was the beginning of his Love Island adventure. Together, they started repairing their relationship. The relationship, however, did not last long, and he dumped her to go out with Rosie.

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As the season goes on, Adam grows close to Rosie and chooses to break up with Kendall. Additionally, Rosie and Adam bond well and enjoy one other’s presence. Collard remained with Rosie until day 20, when he fell in love once more with the new girl, Zara.

who is adam collard dating

Later on in the program, when Zara met islanders, Adam connected with her and ditched Rosie in favor of Zara. Fans undoubtedly preferred Adam and Zara to other couples. People adore watching them on television because they have such a strong bond.

Together, they worked incredibly well. But after Adam made out with Darylle Sargent on the show, Zara was fired, and the couple broke up. The people noticed how closely they were during Casa Amor week.

Adam Collard and Zara Mc Dermott Dated for How Long?

Adam and Zara started dating while they were in the villa, and they continued to be together for eight months after the show had ended.

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Before splitting up, the couple even lived together in Essex.

Sam Thompson, a star of Made in Chelsea, and the former government advisor began dating in May 2019.

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Zara’s hysterical reaction to seeing Adam back in the Love Island villa for the first time was captured on camera by boyfriend Sam as she let out an audible scream in shock.

He teased his girlfriend, whose jaw fell when she saw the clip, by posting it to his Instagram Story.

When Did Zara Mc Dermott and Adam Collard Part Ways?

Adam and Zara parted ways in February 2019. Zara released a statement informing people of their breakup, saying, “I am heartbroken to announce that Adam and I have split ways. I adore him dearly, and he and the time we spent together will always hold a special place in my heart.

I’ve worked so hard to be the best version of myself that I can be and to make it all work. No matter what you do for someone or how hard you try, there are times in life when you simply aren’t enough.

She wrote a contemplative social media article about their “toxic” relationship after they broke up. When reflecting on her year, she noted: “At the beginning of the year, I finally ended a toxic relationship that was more harmful than I realized. I lost all of my confidence while going through this in front of everyone.

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“I almost gave up this whole life,” she added, “and I wanted to go back and work in government. I wanted things to get back to how they were before Love Island.” But I made the decision not to.

who is adam collard dating

Zara continued by talking about a trip she took with friends that enabled her to “get myself feeling fantastic again.” She acknowledged her relationship with Sam in June of that same year, claiming the two had been “inseparable” ever since they first met.

In 2020, they experienced a temporary separation, but they soon reconciled, and everything is happy once more.

In Response to Breakup Rumors, Adam Collard’s Ex-Girlfriend Comments on His Return to Love Island

In response to rumors that Adam Collard ditched her in order to get into the villa, Josie Baxter, his ex-girlfriend, addressed his return to Love Island.

The 26-year-old, who gained notoriety on the 2018 season of Love Island, returned to the well-known dating program on Tuesday night in a shocking change of events. The personal trainer disclosed he had only ended a relationship “two months ago” after arriving at the resort.

Insiders later revealed to The Sun that the couple truly broke up at the beginning of June after dating for two years.

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The pair, who has two bulldogs named Storm and Bella, was reportedly in the middle of purchasing a home when Adam abruptly dumped her, according to the publication.

who is adam collard dating

Josie continues to work at Adam’s gym and has been publishing content from the Newcastle-based company while he is away at the villa, which makes things even more difficult.

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