Who Is Amanda Kloots Dating? Boyfriend & Relationship Timeline!

Who Is Amanda Kloots Dating

Fans of Dancing With The Stars hope for love on the dance floor every year.

Amanda Kloots and her pro-partner Alan Bersten are said to be dating, according to reports.

Are Amanda Kloots and Alan Bersten Dating?

Who Is Amanda Kloots Dating

Amanda Kloots and Alan have been accused of being romantically engaged, owing to their closeness to the program.

She has, however, debunked the claims, stating they “have nothing except friendship.”

In an interview with US Magazine, Amanda discussed their connection extensively.

She not only said that she and Alan have a “wonderful connection,” but that they are “best friends.”

“We work through everything together because we know… we have to carry this thing home,” she said.

Amanda and Alan are one of four couples still competing for the title of Dancing with the Stars.

After delivering a memorial dance to her late husband, the duo was spared by the judges in the semi-finale on November 15, 2021.


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 She told Alan Bersten, the winner of Season 28 and currently her dance partner, how significant the song is to her and how it was played in the last minutes before Nick departed.

She went on to describe how difficult it was to switch off the machine since all she could do was hold his hand while he was in a coma, saying, “To me, the power of holding someone’s hand is such, there is simply nothing like it because you know you have someone who cares about you.”

She said, “I simply wanted him to know I had him.”

Who Is Amanda Kloots Dating

“I don’t think there’s anything more unique or significant to me than being able to dance well to one of my husband’s songs. Let’s do this for all others who have lost loved ones, as well as Nick “,

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Was Amanda Kloots Married?


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Cordero, Nick

They met on the set of Bullets Over Broadway, where they were both cast members.

They tied the knot in 2017 and had a kid in 2019.

She told Closer Weekly, “We were friends initially, then we fell in love.”

Nick passed away in the summer of 2020, at the age of 41, from Covid-19 problems.

His wife rushed him to the hospital emergency department, where he succumbed to the infection three months later.


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 One year later, Kloots remembered his trip to the Los Angeles ER.

“We didn’t know which entry was available because of Covid’s limitations, so I just left him on the corner. We didn’t even give each other a hug. We didn’t give each other a kiss as we parted ways “On March 30, 2021, she posted on Instagram.

David Larsen

Amanda was previously married for six years to actor David Larsen, however, the precise dates are uncertain.


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 In December 2020, he remarried.

“On 12/12/2020 Emilee and I eloped into the woods,” David said on Instagram to break the news. We came out as one with the help of an officiant, two witnesses, and a videographer.”

The couple had their first child in May of 2021.

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Who Else Has Amanda Kloots Dated?

Who Is Amanda Kloots Dating

Amanda’s dating life before Nick and David remain a mystery.

In New York, she began her professional career as a Rockette.

Amanda subsequently moved to Broadway, where she performed in shows such as Good Vibrations, Follies, Young Frankenstein, and Bullets Over Broadway.

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