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Who Is Antonella in The Family Chantel? Pedro’s Workmate!

The Family Chantel': Who Is Antonella? Pedro's Coworker

Do they exist or not? The Group Alums of 90 Day Fiancé and the Chantel star Pedro Jimeno’s wife Chantel (née Everett) confronted him about his relationship with Antonella Barrenechea, a colleague. Chantel believed Pedro was cheating on her with Antonella because of how close they are, despite Pedro’s claims that they are just friends. But who is Antonella really? To learn more, keep scrolling down below!

From “The Family Chantel,” Who Is Antonella?

Georgia’s Lawrenceville is where Antonella comes from. Her Instagram account reads that she left Grady High School in 2020. She began her profession as a real estate agent in August 2021 with her first listing. Since October 2018, she has been dating a man by the name of Daniel.

How Did Antonella and Pedro Meet?

Because the majority of his real estate colleagues are Latinx, Pedro said he instantly felt at home with them. Due to the fact that they both began their jobs at the same time, he especially grew close to Antonella.

Pedro, 30, said in his confessional, “My supervisor put me and her together for [sic] learning together. They would go together to show homes, meet with clients, and even make jokes about starting their own brokerage one day.

Antonella raved in her confessional, “Pedro is fantastic, he’s really professional, he’s a go-getter.” “We constantly attempt to push one another. Sometimes he grasps concepts quicker than I do, so I say, “OK, teach me how,” and he gladly obliges. He is a really sincere and modest man.

In another scene, the Dominican Republic native said, “Antonella, she’s cool, and right now, [we’re] becoming close friends.” “We all get along at the office, you know. Latinos, our community, are really close, you know. There, it seems like a family to me. Making new acquaintances there is very comfortable for me, you know? I think Chantel is envious of that, too.

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Pedro said, “[I’ve] been trying to help her develop her career all these years, you know? I made an effort to help her. However, I think Chantel is incapable of expressing happiness for me.

Chantel Wonders Why Pedro Would Cheat on Her with Antonella

Chantel was skeptical of her husband since Pedro and Antonella were close friends and coworkers, but Chantel also believed that Pedro and Antonella had a deeper relationship.

The registered nurse challenged Pedro about how much time he spends with Antonella in the sneak peek provided by Entertainment Tonight for the episode airing on Monday, July 11. “One evening, I took the day off work to clean the house and start cooking.

When I contacted you at 8:30, you were at the mall with Antonella, Chantel informed me. You pick her up and drive her to work, you pick her up from the mechanic, you basically serve as her do-boy and are responsive to her every whim.

She exclaimed, “Poto, you’re just letting my mind run wild!” He retaliated, “Don’t believe me, that’s it.” Are you lying to me, Chantel questioned? “No, I’m not [sic] cheating on you,” Pedro retorted. If I were cheating on you, I would have long since left the house, I swear to God.

Why is it that my coworker is a woman, you ask? Pedro made the inquiry. “Really, you believe I’m cheating on you when I spend time with my friends and coworkers. Since that isn’t loved for me, I don’t want to feel it.

Pedro Cheated with Antonella on Chantel, Did He Not?

Chantel believed Pedro had not been faithful to her throughout their marriage, despite Pedro’s denial that he had cheated on her with Antonella.

Chantel highlighted “adultery by the petitioner” as well as “cruel treatment” from Pedro, including “physical domestic violence, as well as emotional agony,” in her July 7 response to Pedro’s May 27 divorce petition, which In Touch was able to get. Their marriage is “irretrievably broken with no possibility of restoration,” according to Chantel.

When In Touch contacted Pedro’s attorney for comment regarding Chantel’s divorce filing allegations, no response was received right away.

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