Who Is April Marie Dating? Know About American Model’s New Boyfriend

April Marie Who is she dating

The Final Question: Is Jake April Marie’s New Love Interest?

April is the star of The Ultimatum. Bringing the drama to the Netflix reality show was Marie Melohn and Jake Cunningham.

What transpired after the pair reconciled and reunited on the show has been eagerly anticipated by fans of the show. It’s no longer necessary for them to.

On Instagram, the spoiler was made public (stop reading now if you want to wait for the finale).

Read on if you’re eager to find out what happened to the couple.

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A New Boyfriend Is In Town For April

What are April Marie's two demands? The Ultimatum star's relationship timeline with boyfriend Jake Cunningham explored

After The Ultimatum, April and Jake’s relationship was a well held secret. Cody Cooper, April’s rumored new lover, made their relationship public by publishing Instagram stories about it.

Cody’s first piece on the Encore Beach Club at the Wynn in Las Vegas contained two photos of April and him in a warm embrace (posted below). In the second tale, Cody found himself sandwiched between a friend and his new girlfriend April.

While April was in Las Vegas, Cody started posting Instagram stories of the couple.

Cody and April flew in a private plane after spending the weekend in Vegas. Tulum, Mexico, is where Cody calls home at the moment.

In the reunion episode of The Ultimatum, April also remarked about how much she loves Cody. That he’s excited to marry her and that they’ve talked about starting a family is what she told me.

She also expressed gratitude to Jake for leading her to Cody due of her ultimatum.

The Ultimatum: Who April Marie Is Dating Now, Is It Jake? (SPOILER)

When The Ultimatum came to a close, April, 24, and Jake, 27, were no longer in a relationship. After the trial marriage, Jake and Rae experienced several difficulties.

When April and Jake were reconciled, they had a few major arguments. On the show, April, who is 23 years old, flirted and swapped phone numbers with a guy in a bar (perhaps Cody). Jake found out about this.

When April combed through Jake’s phone, she discovered that he had recorded Rae’s butt dancing. Fans believe April’s pregnancy fear was staged after she revealed to Jake that she thought she was expecting him to be the father of her unborn child.

Rae was at least kissed a few times by Jake during the course of the series. In the end, the strain on the relationship was too great for it to bear.

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Who Is April’s New Boyfriend Cody Cooper?

Who Is Cody Cooper? His Bio, Age, Job, Height, April Melohn Boyfriend

Cody Cooper, April’s new boyfriend, is the owner of Sprout Realty, a real estate company. Kwik Rip, a vape vending machine startup, is his other business venture.

A much more successful than Jake appeared to be on the show, April’s new tattooed boyfriend. Cody’s Instagram reveals that he has a taste for the finer things in life, including expensive automobiles and residences.

Cody enjoys travelling and spending time on the water. On top of all of that, he’s an accomplished motorcyclist and sports car driver. He also likes golf, weapons, and cigars.

Also in the works is an underwear clothing brand for men by the Austin, Texas-based businessman. Like many men, Cody enjoys the finer things in life, including luxury clothing and haberdashery. Top hats and cowboy hats are two of his favorite styles.

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In The Wake Of April’s Split, What Became Of Jake And Rae?

Are Jake & Rae Together After 'The Ultimatum'? An Investigation

While still on the show, Rae broke up with her ex-boyfriend, Zay Wilson. No significant others were mentioned in Rae and Jake’s Instagram posts.

We thought Jake and Rae were going to be a couple at the end of the show. Rae, on the other hand, indicated that Jake and her had reunited in the reunion episode.

Unfortunately, April and Jake’s relationship didn’t last. After the show, Zay and Rae tried to work things out, but it didn’t work out. Rae has also claimed that she is currently dating a woman and exploring her bisexuality.

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