Who Is Ben Azelart Dating? Know About Youtuber’s Girlfriend, Relationship Status & Other Updates From His Life!

Ben Azelart Who is he dating

Who Is the Girlfriend of Ben Azelart? Is He Seeing Anyone on YouTube?

Ben Azelart, a well-known YouTuber, began posting videos in 2014 and immediately became popular for his daring antics and practical jokes.

Ben’s YouTube channel now has over 7 million subscribers, but he’s also been in the spotlight for his romantic connections, particularly when he dated Lexi Rivera, another social media sensation.

Since Lexi, there has been no information on Ben’s current relationships, whether they are serious or not. ‘ In other words, who is Ben Azelart’s newest flame at the moment? Is there anyone he’s seeing right now? Ben’s love life is chronicled in detail farther down the page.

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What’s The Name Of Ben Azelart’s Fling?

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Ben’s adoring fans can exhale a sigh of relief, as the YouTuber does not appear to be dating anyone at this time and looks to be fully single. The posts Ben has been making to his social media accounts, which he updates on a regular basis, are clearly not romantic in nature.

Since his public breakup with Lexi Rivera, the attractive skateboarder has appeared to be embracing the single life. Lexi and her brother Brent, who is also good friends with Ben, have amassed a combined YouTube following of 19.5 million subscribers, making them social media moguls in their own right.

The two started dating in 2018 after they started making YouTube videos together. Ben met Lexi through Brent. The couple’s searing chemistry was evident in every video they made together, and their fans couldn’t get enough of it.

Fans were devastated to learn that the pair would be separating in 2020. A video addressing the split stated that the relationship “no longer made [them] happy,” but that they still cared for one other as friends.

TikTokers Lexi Rivera and Ben Azelart explain why they broke up - Dexerto

A relationship online is an entirely other situation, Lexi explained. “It was quite perplexing for us,” she continued. As she explained, it was tough for the pair to keep their fans happy while also making sure they were happy, and so they decided to focus on themselves.

Ben was previously linked to another social media star named Lexi Hensler before he began dating Lexi, who has the same first name as Ben.

Several internet exchanges between the two have been cited by fans as evidence that they are a couple. However, Ben and Lexi turned out to be just friends who frequently collaborated, despite the fact that they would have been a cute couple.

It wasn’t until the rumors about Ben and Lexi Hensler started circulating in 2018 that Ben had a relationship with Brighton Sharbino. In addition to her role in AMC’s The Walking Dead, Brighton has been in a number of high-profile films and television shows.

Facts About Brighton Sharbino: Her Boyfriend in 2021 and Other Details

When she tweeted a photo of Ben and Brighton holding hands and captioned it “Prom with @benazelart,” people started speculating about their relationship.

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Ben and Brighton, on the other hand, never explicitly acknowledged their connection while they were still together; it was only after they had ended that Brighton brought up the subject.

Ben Azelart broke up with Brighton in her sister Saxon Sharbino’s YouTube prank movie titled, “I Filled My SISTER’S Room With Pictures Of Her Ex-BOYFRIEND (Ben Azelart) *SHOCKING REACTION.*”

“The smoothest breakup you could ever have” is what Brighton promises viewers in the video. When we hear that Ben is an all-around sweetheart who treats his girlfriends and even ex-girlfriends with respect, it warms our hearts.

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