Who Is Bo Jack Horseman Based on The Disturbing Real-Life Origin of The Series?

BoJack Horseman didn’t come on Netflix out of thin air. A lifelong friendship between writer Raphael Bob-Waksberg and artist Lisa Hanawalt resulted in this episode. The pair met during their time at Palo Alto High School in California.

Hanawalt and Bob-Waksberg first met when Bob-Waksberg cast him in the school production of “The Family Continues.” Both were regulars in the drama department’s “green room,” a classroom used for rehearsals and performances.

An Overview of Bojack Horseman

who is bojack horseman based on

In order to attend Bard College, a private institution in New York City, Bob-Waksberg relocated there. Hanawalt, meantime, enrolled at UCLA to pursue his art degree. Lisa was an independent artist who created graphics for periodicals.

The Olde English Comedy Troupe included a member named Bob-Waksberg. The writer had written a sample script and was encouraged by his manager to relocate to Los Angeles in order to pursue a career in television writing when fate stepped in and provided the inspiration for BoJack.

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Named After the Author’s First Experience in La, Bo Jack Was Created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg.

who is bojack horseman based on

Starting out in Los Angeles, Bob-Waksberg rented the tiniest room possible at the home of a friend in the Hollywood Hills while he worked to launch his career on two network comedies. As he took in his first glimpse of the city from this vantage point, he became acutely aware of the contrasting feelings that were stirring up within him. When Bob-Waksberg thinks back on that time, he says, “I remember looking out over the city and feeling simultaneously on top of the world and also never more alienated or alone.”

BoJack’s house is eerily similar to Bob-first Waksberg’s home; both are isolated, perched high on a hill in animated Los Angeles. Bringing BoJack Horseman to life, this gloomy introduction to Hollywood—the city every aspiring actor, director, and producer dreams of visiting—was a necessary evil.

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Is the Bo Jack Horseman Character Based on Somebody Famous in Real Life?

who is bojack horseman based on

BoJack Horseman’s actor has been the subject of much fan speculation about his possible inspiration. Fans have speculated that members of the main cast from Full House, from which Horsin’ Around appears to draw inspiration, could be cast as the main characters. Even if Bob-Waksberg and Hanawalt haven’t formally revealed the anthropomorphic horse’s real-life influence, they’ve given credit to series with similarly sarcastic tones, such as Californication.

The character of BoJack was defined by Bob-Waksberg as “someone who’s had every opportunity for success but still can’t find a way to be happy,” but perhaps by the end of Season 6, BoJack will have undergone some self-actualization and the view from the top won’t feel so lonely.

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BoJack Horseman, a Netflix original series that will premiere its final episodes at the end of January, stunned both viewers and critics with its slow-motion descent into the despair of an anthropomorphic horse that was once the star of a mediocre TGIF-style sitcom from the early 1990s.