Who Is Central Cee Dating? When Users Learned that Central Cee Was Seeing Madeline Argy They Went Crazy on Tik Tok!

British rapper and songwriter Central Cee is from.

He is a rising star in the UK’s rap scene who grew up with a wide variety of popular songs from various cultural backgrounds. Oakley Caesar-Su, best known by his renowned moniker Cench, is his actual name. He grew obsessed with the notion of creating his music, and as a young preteen, he started writing his very first tracks. With his 2021 mixtape, Wild West, Cench achieved numerous accomplishments, including placing second on the UK Albums Chart.


Early in 2015, Central Cee began to take his hobby more seriously. He made his debut in the remix of Ain’t On Nuttin, featuring musicians Bonkaz, J Hus, and others. He changed his name to Central Cee at the same time, and in February he released his StreetHeat Freestyle. The rapper released Pull Up as a single in August 2016. His “Next Up?” freestyle was published in October 2019 after he released his debut EP, “17,” in 2017.

who is central cee dating

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Who Is Central Cee Dating

Madeline Argy appears to be Central Cee’s rumored new girlfriend, and there are enough TikTok videos about them to fill a whole thesis. Users of the social media platform TikTok appear to have done some thorough research and discovered that rapper Central Cee, 24, is dating blogger Madeline Argy. It’s thought that the couple, who were seen exiting a club together, spent last week’s vacation in Ibiza.

How Did Things Go Between Malu Trevejo and Central Cee?

Although the “Loading” rapper keeps his personal life a secret, there have been a few ladies he has allegedly dated. In a video explaining the lyrics to his famous song “Doja,” Cench mentions an unidentified female in August 2022.

who is central cee dating

She was “the first proper gay person I communicated with,” he said of his former lover, who was bisexual. The information we currently know about Central Cee’s dating life is listed below.

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Central Cee Dating History

The Malu Trevejo

When admirers discovered various hints on their social media profiles, Malu Trevejo first gave rise to rumors that she was dating Central Cee.

who is central cee dating

When Malu published a video that appeared to be in the same place as a video Central Cee posted, the viewer originally had the impression the two were dating.

Malu posted two images of Central Cee and herself looking boozy on Instagram on Saturday, May 15.

Liza Mai

In October of last year, Central Cee has romantically linked to model and social media sensation Liyah Mai.

The two sparked rumors when Mai uploaded a video while riding in the backseat and Central Cee was operating the vehicle.

who is central cee dating

The 22-year-old Instagram model is mentioned in rap lyrics on Central Cee’s song “Loading,” which was playing in the car.

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Kenneth Boutrif

After witnessing their “chemistry” in his music video for “Commitment Issues,” many began to think Central Cee and Kenza were dating.

Following the premiere of the video in February, the rumors circulated on social media.

who is central cee dating

In the video, Kenza acted as Central Cee’s love interest, which led many people to speculate that they might be dating in real life.

The dating rumors weren’t addressed by Central Cee or Kenza, though.