Who Is Charlotte Crosby Dating? Know About His Name, Job & Other Personal Things

Charlotte Crosby Who is she dating

“Private” boyfriend Jake Ankers is Jake Crosby, according to Charlotte Crosby. ‘It simply feels right,’ he says.

Charlotte Crosby, the hopeless romantic who has previously dated ‘evil’ Stephen Bear and Joshua Richie, has now gone public with her new mysterious guy Jake Ankers despite swearing to stay single following her separation from Liam Beaumont just before Christmas.

Charlotte, the former Geordie Shore star, paid tribute to her new love on Instagram, sharing a cute video of their first month together, captioned, “Didn’t make a 2021 reel cos I thought it was a sh-t year…..BUT JANUARY HAS BEEN EPIC so here you go little snippet of my january with my absolute FAVE song of the year so far..”

Ankers, who she had kept a secret until now, made his appearance in the reel.

When asked about her new boyfriend, Charlotte remarked, “He’s a great guy.” “It’s wonderful. Something about this feels exactly right…

In his absence, “He’s given us the best of everything.”

She continued, “This year is going to be a dreadful one for you. Everything about this is going to make you want to spit.”

Charlotte Crosby gives herself a rare look without makeup at home in Sunderland

On Instagram in April, Charlotte revealed that she’s been with Jake for so long that she feels like they’ve always been together.

According to Charlotte’s response to a fan’s question about how long they had been together, they have “7 months. The amount of things we’ve already encountered and gone through together trust feels like it’s been a year.

Even though technically it’s only 6 and a half, “I like to round up.”

Jake’s face was blurred out in a nice couple photo that she shared with the world.

When she inquired about Jake’s upcoming engagement, he said, “In due course,” hinting at a possible engagement.

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Who Is Jake Ankers?

Who is Charlotte Crosby's boyfriend Jake Ankers?

In his Instagram bio, Charlotte’s new guy cites two eateries, making it clear that he’s both a businessman and foodie.

Before going public with their relationship last month, Jake and Charlotte were said to have met through mutual friends and been seeing each other “casually.”

When And Where Was Jake Ankers Born?

To put it simply, he’s a Manchester lad.

What Is The Day Job Of Jake Ankers?

Charlotte Crosby enjoys dates with celebrity driver Jake Ankers

According to accounts, Jake is a “celebrity driver,” which we assume implies he runs a “Chauffeur Service” and chauffeurs famous people around. Fancy.

His Instagram bio included mentions of two Manchester eateries (Foodwell and Firefly) and a popular nightclub (Cirque Manchester) in addition to his name.

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Where Can I Find Jake Ankers On Instagram?

He does, I’m sure of it! Following him on @jake_ankers is possible, however his profile has been made private since the beginning of his relationship with Charlotte.

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