Love Knows No Age: The Surprising Details of Cher’s Relationship

Cher, the iconic singer, actress, and fashion icon, has always been a topic of fascination for her fans. Cher’s career has spanned several decades and counting, her love life has spanned even longer, and both have seen their fair share of glamour and melodrama.
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Over the years, Cher has been linked to several high-profile men, including Gregg Allman, Val Kilmer, and Tom Cruise. However, the latest rumours circulating about her dating life suggest that she may have found love with a much younger man. The Goddess of Pop metamorphosed from a folk-tinged 1970s TV star in a decade-long marriage into a pop icon with a kaleidoscopic romantic history.

who is cher dating

Past relationships  of Cher

Relationship with Warren Beatty

who is cher dating

Warren Beatty, the Hollywood actor, had a reputation as a ladies’ man prior to his marriage to Annette Bening. He had a string of high-profile relationships, including with iconic stars Cher, Madonna, and Twiggy. In 1962, Beatty was dating Natalie Wood, but that didn’t stop him from pursuing Cher, who was nine years his junior.

Relationship with Sonny Bono

who is cher dating

Sonny Bono, an aspiring musician, met a 16-year-old Cher at a restaurant in Los Angeles in 1962. Despite Sonny initially telling her that he didn’t find her very attractive, the two eventually fell in love and got married in 1964. However, their marriage was tumultuous, with Sonny being unfaithful and Cher contemplating suicide. They split in 1974, and Sonny’s music career declined before his death in a skiing accident in 1998.

Relationship with Gregg Allman

Cher briefly married Gregg Allman, a member of the Allman Brothers Band, in 1975. However, the marriage ended just over a week later due to Allman’s addictions to heroin and alcohol. Despite this, Cher spoke fondly of him, calling him the kindest and most loving husband and father she had ever had.

Relationship with Gene Simmons

Cher also had a relationship with Gene Simmons, the musician from Kiss, which she described as the best relationship she had ever had with a human being. However, their relationship ended when Cher instructed Simmons to consult her best friend, Diana Ross, for advice on buying her a Christmas gift. This sparked a romance between Simmons and Ross, and Cher and Simmons’ relationship came to an end.

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Relationship with Val Kilmer

who is cher dating

In the early ’80s, Cher dated Val Kilmer, her co-star in the film “Top Gun.” Although their romantic relationship ended around 1984, they remain close friends to this day. Cher was even there for Kilmer when he was diagnosed with throat cancer, and she praised his bravery and artistic talent.

Relationship with Tom Cruise

who is cher dating

Cher also dated Tom Cruise in the 1980s after meeting him at Madonna and Sean Penn’s wedding. She described him as one of her top five best lovers, but their conflicting schedules eventually ended their relationship. Cher found it difficult to reconcile the private person she knew with the public persona he later adopted, such as jumping up and down on Oprah’s couch.

Currently dating Alexander Edwards

Cher, the iconic singer and actress, has found love with Alexander “AE” Edward, a music executive who is 40 years her junior. Their romance began at Paris Fashion Week in the fall of 2022, and since then, the couple has been inseparable. Despite the age difference, Cher has defended their love, saying that “love doesn’t know math, it sees.

who is cher dating

Cher has been vocal about her love for Edwards, praising him for treating her like a queen and getting along great with her family. In fact, Cher was so excited about the diamond ring Edwards gifted her on Christmas Day that she wished she could show it to her late mother, Georgia Holt.

The couple made their red carpet debut at Versace’s Los Angeles fashion show on March 9, 2023. They were seen cuddling and sharing a kiss on the red carpet, proving that their love is still going strong.
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Edwards is no stranger to dating famous women, having welcomed a child with ex Amber Rose in 2019.

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Cher’s love life has always been a topic of interest for her fans, and her relationship with Edwards is no exception. Despite the age difference, the couple has found love in each other, proving that age is just a number when it comes to matters of the heart. It remains to be seen where their relationship will go, but for now, Cher and Edwards seem to be enjoying each other’s company and the attention that their relationship has garnered.