Who Is Chloe Veitch Dating? A Look Into Her Romance Life In 2023!

Chloe Veitch, a contestant on Perfect Match, has spoken out about her unexpected relationship with Love Is Blind actor Shayne Jansen.

Veitch is a well-known name to Netflix users. She was a part of Too Hot to Handle Season 1 and The Circle Season 2 and is currently a member of the Perfect Match cast. Know all about Chloe Veitch Dating right here.

Who Is Chloe Veitch?

Chloe Veitch is an English model and media personality who was crowned Miss Supertalent 2018 on March 6, 1999. She is best known for her roles in The Circle and Too Hot To Handle (2020). (2021).

In addition, Veitch has appeared on Celebrity Ghost Trip (2021) on Channel 4 and Celebrity Hunted. In Too Hot To Handle, Veitch was paired with Nicole O’Brien (2022).

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Veitch shared the prize money for the first season of Too Hot To Handle on Netflix. She received the “Fan Favorite” award for The Circle’s second season and was also chosen as the runner-up.

who is chloe veitch dating

Who Is Chloe Veitch Dating?

It is safe to assume that Chloe Veitch is not currently dating given that she will be appearing on a reality dating show.

Who her previous boyfriends were is unknown. She has had fleeting encounters with numerous people due to her participation in numerous reality shows, but none of them resulted in a romantic relationship.

She might at last meet her match after the Perfect Match programme is over.

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Chloe Veitch Parents And Personal Life

Chloe Veitch went to Clacton Coastal Academy while she was a student in her hometown of Clacton-on-Sea, Essex. There, she pursued her studies in English, performing arts, and music.

Macheala Veitch is the TV star’s mother, and Darren Veitch is her father. Chloe is supporting her father, Darren, who has been battling drug addiction.

who is chloe veitch dating

Before making an appearance on Too Hot To Handle, Veitch worked as a model and an estate agent. Veitch, who currently resides in London, has stated that she plans to move to the United States of America for business purposes.

She has been able to maintain a fairly private personal life despite appearing on so many reality shows. On her Instagram, she has shared images of herself, but none of her romantic interests are represented.

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Split And Reunion

Veitch and Eason both announced their separation on social media in August 2021.

“Me and Mitchell have decided that living across the other side of the world from each other is going to be harder than it seems,” Veitch wrote in a message she shared on her Instagram Story.

Then, Eason added in a nearly identical message that the two would “focus on being friends first.”

Following a romantic date on Perfect Match, Veitch and Eason made the decision to try again.

After realising they had been paired up on a blind date together, the couple started crying. Since their breakup, they hadn’t seen each other until then.

After the date, Veitch admitted to the cameras, “Me and Mitchell did have something special, and it just ended, so to explore that wouldn’t be a bad thing.”

After seeing Veitch, Eason said he had his “sights set,” adding, “I know what I want,” and that he had been prepared to enter the villa and “cause mayhem.”

Veitch then had to awkwardly inform Jansen that she had resumed her relationship with Eason. Jansen was consequently booted out of the villa.

The eighth episode of Perfect Match ends on a cliffhanger, despite the fact that Veitch and Eason’s reunion appears to be going well so far. Eason informs Veitch that he is not interested in starting a committed relationship at this time.