Who is Chris Collette dating? Know about his current love life and relationship status

Who is Chris Collette dating

In the midst of dating rumors, Olivia Cornu says she and Chris Collette are “happy”

Now that Chris Collette’s MAFS marriage is over, he has stated that he is happily married and no longer single. Fans are speculating as to who he may have finally found love with, with many speculating that it is Olivia Cornu.

Before saying “I do” to Alyssa Ellman, he waited for a stranger to go down the aisle. Their marriage didn’t work out the way they had hoped since she refused to spend time with him and wouldn’t share an apartment with him.

By revealing he is no longer single on social media after filming concluded and their 12-day marriage was declared over, Chris has left fans overjoyed and generated an abundance of speculation about his new partner.

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We were able to have an exclusive interview with Olivia Cornu and learn the truth about her relationship with Chris. After the next episode of MAFS, she had to keep her mouth shut about a possible romance.

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Alyssa’s marriage to Chris, on MAFS

Alyssa, 30, and Chris, 35, were paired together by experts on MAFS season 14 despite their differing ages. In episode 6, Chris said he felt the wedding was great, but Alyssa expressed her reservations later that night.

Chris claims that Alyssa stated that she felt the two were “too different” to be together. Alyssa didn’t want to share an apartment with Chris for their honeymoon.

On-screen marriage was not any better for Alyssa, despite her claims that her application was made with “the purest intentions.” They begged her to apologise at the end, and she did.

Re-dating Chris Collette

Interview with Olivia : r/MarriedAtFirstSight

He told an Instagram follower he is “extremely pleased” and “officially no longer single.” Before he was seen with MAFS co-star Olivia Cornu at the Lifetime programme reunion, he also revealed the news on the show.

After we inquired as to whether or not Olivia and Chris were seeing each other, she gave us an exclusive interview. In response to her question, she said, “Unfortunately, I’m not permitted to comment until after the show, but we are both thrilled!”

Following his 12-day marriage to Alyssa Ellman, Chris has moved on to a new girlfriend, although he hasn’t confirmed the news and Olivia hasn’t shared any images together.

Brett Lindsey, the husband Olivia married in season 11, has broken up with her. She’s been bombarded with queries on Instagram from admirers who want to know if she’s dating Chris, but she hasn’t responded.

However, there is one important point to make. Chris is stationed in Holden, Massachusetts, while Olivia resides in New Orleans, thus the two of them are separated by a great distance!

Chris has also been approached by Reality Titbit for a response.

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Fans believe that Chris is dating Olivia from MAFS.

Fans were overjoyed when Chris and Olivia were pictured together at the MAFS reunion. Despite the fact that they were not matched together at the beginning of the season, viewers on Twitter were enamoured with their coupling.

I can’t wait much longer.” A Twitter user remarked, “DID I JUST SEE CHRIS AND OLIVIA??”. Several of the show’s viewers took to social media to express their disbelief, saying they were totally unaware of the romance going on.

“I know that’s Chris vibing with Olivia!!! #mafs,” one spectator said.

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