Who Is Devin Booker Dating? Know About Basketball Star’s Dating & Love Life

Devin Booker discusses about his relationship with girlfriend Kendall Jenner in a new interview.

The NBA player opened up on the impact dating a celebrity has had on his life.

As Kendall Jenner’s NBA boyfriend Devin Booker prepares to speak publicly about their relationship for the first time, we take a look at how their relationship has progressed.

The Wall Street Journal recently spoke with Booker about the attention his personal life has received since he began seeing one of the world’s most renowned ladies.

To put it mildly, “I wouldn’t say [it’s] been difficult,” the man replied. “Honestly, I’m savoring every moment of my life, and it came out of my mouth so effortlessly because it wasn’t always this way, but I feel like I’m in a fantastic place right now,” hhe said.

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Love my family, my friends, and the impact I have on the world, the younger generation under me and the kids that look up to me.”

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A piece of advice that has guided him throughout his life was also mentioned. Kobe gave Booker a piece of wisdom during their final game against each other: “Be legendary,” Booker stated.

‘Be legendary’ was written on my shoe with a mark left by him. Then he signed the shoe for me, wrote it on the sole, and walked me through the steps it would take to achieve my goal.

Nick DePaula on Twitter: "Devin Booker is wearing his “Be Legendary”-inspired Kobe 4s again — just like he has in every playoff game so far. https://t.co/6Dmj7JSIOs" / Twitter

Hearing and seeing it in Kobe’s voice and handwriting on the shoes keeps me motivated since he’s always been an inspiration to me.”

During the Keeping Up With the Kardashians reunion special, Jenner confirmed that Booker was her “lover” for the first time in June 2021.

She also talked about why she didn’t talk about her personal life on the show.

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It’s “Kylie and I have been able to see our elder sisters go through marriages, romances, breakups and all of these things, and do them quite publicly,” she remarked.

“And no offence to you people at all, but I think it was a personal preference from a very young age that I didn’t want to [do that].”

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To be perfectly honest, I believe it improves our connection and my quality of life. As far as I can tell, “I just feel like it’s a private thing, it’s not really for everyone else to judge or know.”