Who Is Outer Bank’s Star Drew Starkey Dating In 2023? All The Latest Updates!

Rafe hasn’t been dating for the majority of Outer Banks because of his threatening demeanour and overzealous actions, but Drew Starkey shouldn’t be compared to Rafe because this actor knows how to make people’s hearts flutter. Read the article till the end to know all about his relationship in 2023!

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Who Is Drew Starkey?

Actor Drew Starkey is American. In the Simonverse movies Love, Simon and The Hate U Give, he plays Garrett Laughlin. In the Netflix teen drama series Outer Banks, he plays Rafe Cameron.

In the VH1 series Scream: Resurrection, he plays Hawkins.

who is drew starkey dating

Who Is Drew Starkey Dating?

If you’ve followed Drew Starkey’s Instagram, you may have noticed a couple of posts or Instagram stories with his fellow Hellraiser co-star Odessa A’zion. Fans speculate that the two may be dating because they appear to be closer than just friends.

Unfortunately, these theories are unfounded because they are just very close friends.

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According to J-14, by describing the relationship between their respective characters from the 2022 movie, Starkey may have unintentionally hinted at what his and A’zion’s relationship is.

The connection between the two kind of relates to the theme of desire and temptation, according to Starkey. “Ultimately, the more you pursue what you want in life or what you desire, the more it hurts you. Playing was really enjoyable.

Although it would be fun to think that Starkey was referring to him and A’zion, we regrettably don’t have any verified evidence that he is dating his friend. If their relationship ever develops into romance, only time will tell.

who is drew starkey dating

Drew Starkey Girlfriend 2023

Drew Starkey has only been romantically linked to Claire Van der Linden, aside from the rumours that surround him and Odessa A’zion. According to Popbuzz, the two may have once been somewhat romantically involved.

Nothing, however, has been verified.

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Drew Starkey is single because he isn’t said to be dating anyone or to be seeing Odessa A’Zion, as has been reported. Perhaps he’ll pick up someone after season 3 (in the show and real life).

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You’re ready to picture yourself dating this attractive actor, though, for the time being.

Make sure to watch Drew Starkey in Outer Banks on Netflix if you can!