Who Is G Flip Dating?- What Was Their First Date Like?

g flip dating

Georgia Claire Flipo (born September 22, 1994) is an Australian singer, songwriter, producer, drummer, and musician who hails from Melbourne, Victoria. On August 30, 2019, they released their debut studio album, About Us.

Despite being a multi-instrumentalist, Flipo has been playing drums since the age of nine, and percussion is still an important component of their composition process. They say they “spent most of 2017 locked up in their bedroom composing and recording,” after previously working as a session drummer and backup vocalist in a variety of Melbourne bands.

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They released their debut single “About You” on Triple J Unearthed in February 2018, and it debuted on Triple J the same day. On March 2, 2018, the song was officially released.

It was named “Best New Track” by Pitchfork, and the music video was featured in YouTube’s New Music Playlist. Flipo was invited to do their first-ever solo gig at SXSW in Austin, Texas the following month, garnering international interest in their idea. In May 2018, Flipo released his follow-up single, “Killing My Time.”

According to A Source, Chiswell Stause Is Living with Australian Singer G Flip

G Flip dating

During the Season 5 reunion of Selling Sunset, which debuted on Netflix on Friday, Chrishell Stause confirmed she is dating G Flip. With Chrishell Stause and G Flip, it appears that things are going quickly.

A source tells PEOPLE that the Selling Sunset star, 40, is living with the Australian singer, 27, despite their growing romance.

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Chrishell moved them in,” the insider says of G Flip, referring to Stause’s Los Angeles property, which she purchased in part by selling her ex-husband Justin Hartley’s wedding ring.

G Flip looks to be posing outside of Stause’s home, which was featured on the hit Netflix series, in this Instagram carousel uploaded last month. G Flip poses with a wine glass in the first snap and sticks out their tongue in the others, dressed in a suit, tuxedo-style platform shoes, and sunglasses.

“Here I am dressed up. Go get hundreds of them from my cousin @enolanmelbourne who produces the dopest outfits out there. G Flip captioned the sequence of images, “Styled by @brittoffduty & @theelectricferntree,” and stated the location as “IN A SUIT.”

I’ve just spent a lot of time with someone who is quite important to me. G Flip is their name. They utilize they/them because they are non-binary “Stause explained. “They’re also a very skilled musician.”

She went on to explain how they met, saying, “It all began because I was scheduled to appear in their video. It’s about this tumultuous love tale. I’m a soap opera veteran who enjoys acting. And, because of our employment, I don’t always get to do it. Of course, at first, I said, “Yes, let’s do it.”

Stause is seen dancing in a convenience store and kissing G Flip in a teaser of the music video for “Get Me Outta Here,” which the singer announced on Instagram will be released on May 13.

What Was Their First Date Like?

Chrishell first met G Flip when she decided to appear in their music video for “Get Me Outta Here,” which will be released on May 13. She began uploading images with G Flip shortly after, and their flirting Instagram conversations hinted that something more than a working connection, or even a friendship, was at play.

G Flip dating

Chrishell and G Flip first met in public in March 2022 at a performance in Los Angeles. Chrishell published a carousel of photographs from her Instagram story that month, including one with G Flip in which the two appeared to be unusually friendly.

What Is the Status of G Flip’s Music Career?

G Flip has only published one album to date, named About Us. On August 30, 2019, the set was released. The project got mainly positive coverage in Australia, and G Flip received several award nominations in their home country as a result. About Us debuted in the top ten albums list in Australia, peaking at No. 6.

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They’ve also charted multiple singles on Australia’s weekly top of the most popular tunes. “Drink Too Much,” their highest-charting single, at No. 72. “Killing My Time” and “Hyperfine” made the top 100 as well. Several of G Flip’s singles have been certified gold or platinum in Australia after reaching certain sales and consumption levels.

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