Who Is Gervonta Davis’ Girlfriend? Boxer’s Cheating Controversy Explained

The American boxer has recently made headlines. Gervonta was in hot water recently when he claimed in an Instagram story, “I can’t stop cheating on my girlfriend.” He quickly erased the Instagram story, but the photos have been circulating online. Gervonta Davis’ cheating scandal has sparked viewers’ interest in his personal life.

Who Is Gervonta Davis’ Girlfriend?

who is gervonta davis dating

Gervonta (26), according to reports, is dating Vanessa Posso. Vanessa is an Instagram model and business owner. She is one of the creators of the online jewelry company ‘Its Rich Girlz,’ according to her Instagram name. She also sells Skincare products on her website, Richgirlz.com.

Gervonta took to Instagram on Tuesday, April 13, and shared a series of contentious anecdotes. Following a narrative in which he claimed he couldn’t stop cheating on his partner, the boxer uploaded another in which he said, “I’m F***ing retarded.”

The boxer’s Instagram posts appear to have sparked a feud between his fiancée Vanessa Posso and his accused side chick Ashley Burgos.

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The Drama of Vanessa Posso and Ashley Burgos Explored

who is gervonta davis dating

Things have been tense between Gervonta Davis’ girlfriend and his alleged side chick, Ashely Burgos since the cheating scandal broke. Vanessa Posso took to Instagram on April 13 and posted a story saying, “I hate my lurking skills, I will be finding what I’m looking for.” “Including the entire family and GMA don’t play,” she added.

In response to her narrative, Ashley Burgos challenged Davis’ girlfriend to a meet-up outside in Los Angeles. The storm of words that ensued between the two women startled many followers. The two quickly removed the Instagram stories. However, they are still being circulated on the internet.

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Who Is Ashley Burgos?

who is gervonta davis dating

Ashley Burgos is the famous Instagram model Bernice Burgos’s daughter. Bernice Burgos is one of Instagram’s most popular users. She is also the creator of the popular sleepwear line Bold and Beautiful.

Ashley owns and operates The Miracle Fitness, a health and wellness company.

Gervonta appears to want his girlfriend back after admitting to cheating on her. The boxer commented on her most recent Instagram post. He sent out broken heart emoticons with the message “come back home.”

The boxer has erased all of his Instagram postings since making the contentious comments on his Instagram story.